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New, locally owned restaurants continue to join our community's delicious dining scene. If you haven’t been to Kenosha in the last few years, you’ve been missing out!

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Kenosha's Best Burgers

  • 8 minute read

National Hamburger Day is May 28 and National Cheeseburger Day is September 18, but every day is a...


My Sweet Side

  • 3 minute read

I have a confession to make. I have a sweet tooth. A really big one. And sometimes I will base my...


Taco Tuesday… and Beyond!

  • 2 minute read

If you have an affinity for Mexican cuisine, you’ll love the options in Kenosha! From Taco...


Enjoy The Supper Club Experience

  • 3 minute read

So what’s a Supper Club anyway? We know what supper is and we know what a club is, but what...


International Flavors in Kenosha

  • 7 minute read

Some of us have been lucky enough to travel internationally while others still have it on their wish...


A Love For Local Coffee Shops

  • 3 minute read

The smell of roasted beans; the sound of distant neighbors connecting; the view of a city...


Pizza and Pasta Cravings

  • 5 minute read

Pizza, pasta, bombers…oh my! With so many Italian restaurants around the Kenosha area, it can...


Special events are a big reason the Kenosha Area is a choice...

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