COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Please be aware that some businesses may sporadically adjust hours due to staffing issues. Please call ahead or check social media. Also, maintain a COVID-conscious distance when in public places and be mindful of posted protocols. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Map - regions in Kenosha CountyA Featured Region: West of I-94

While traveling on Interstate 94/41, you have seven opportunities to get off the highway and explore the unexpected in Kenosha County! While you may be familiar with heading east to visit Lake Michigan and Downtown Kenosha, more adventures await you to the west. Affectionately referred to by local residents as “West of the I” — if you want to use the local lingo. There are rural countryside, outdoor recreation, and entertainment options to explore.

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Located West of I-94:

Our Featured Regions: Just as some larger cities have distinctive neighborhoods or boroughs that are well-known to visitors, Kenosha has similarly identifiable regions. For our purposes, we refer to three regions on Downtown Kenosha, Uptown Kenosha, and West of I-94. These three areas only cover a portion of Kenosha County. Numerous attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, as well as other businesses and organizations that are listed on our website fall outside of these general regions.

Featured Regions