Art Galleries

You’ll find art galleries, murals, sculptures, and other forms of public art in Kenosha.

Free art exhibitions by local, regional, and even national artists can be found at many art galleries, including the Kenosha Public Museum. 

Like what you see? Many of the pieces can be purchased.

Are you an artist? Ask the galleries how to become a member and/or how to enter a show.

Not all of our art is within the walls of an art gallery. One of the largest displays of public art is the Sculpture Walk at HarborPark. Here you’ll find more than a dozen pieces of large-scale art on display with the harbor and lake as the backdrop.

What is the Union Park Arts District? This is a hub for the arts, as it houses a handful of art galleries in a four-block radius. The park itself has a sculpture, several mosaic planters, a beautifully designed Little Free Library, and appropriately a Little Free Art Gallery. On select Sundays in the summer months, Union Park is also the host of the Kenosha Art Market, where artists, crafters, and creators gather to sell their works.

Murals, Sculptures, and More


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