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Our Municipal Partners

Southport Light Station MuseumNestled in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin along the Lake Michigan shore, Kenosha County is comprised of the City of Kenosha, plus 11 villages and towns that together create a welcoming sense of place for those who live, work, study, and visit here.

Our Kenosha County communities offer a variety of attractions, shops, restaurants, outdoor recreation opportunities, venues, and events to accommodate leisure and business travel, group visits, and sporting events.

Visit Kenosha is proud to partner with our local municipalities, as well as the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, Kenosha Area Business Alliance, and other organizations to invite visitors from around the world to experience all that Kenosha County has to offer. Together, we invite you to experience our community like a local — perhaps you’ll want to call it home, too!

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City of Kenosha

Village of Bristol

Town of Wheatland

Municipal Partners

For more information about these and other communities within Kenosha County, Wisconsin, go to KenoshaCounty.org/1126/Municipalities.

Our Featured Regions

Map - regions in Kenosha CountyJust as some larger cities have distinctive neighborhoods or boroughs that are well-known to visitors, Kenosha has similarly identifiable regions. For our purposes, we refer to three regions on VisitKenosha.com: Downtown Kenosha, Uptown Kenosha, and West of I-94. These three areas only cover a portion of Kenosha County. Numerous attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, as well as other businesses and organizations that are listed on our website fall outside of these general regions.

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Downtown Kenosha

Uptown Kenosha

West of I-94


Featured Regions

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