Blak CoffeePeople of Color-owned businesses in Kenosha are making an incredible mark on our community. Visit Kenosha is honoring our POC-owned tourism partners by celebrating their contributions to our city! 

Some of Kenosha's most inspiring spaces, from coffee shops to art studios and event spaces, are POC-owned. The businesses you are about to meet are just a sample of what Kenosha offers; you'll see why their impact expands far and wide into the community. 

Without further ado, here are a few of the the POC-Owned Businesses in Kenosha!




House of Nutrition & Wellness

Are you still chasing your fitness and wellness goals? House of Nutrition & Wellness provides locally sourced vitamins, teas, and protein powders galore. This shop has kombucha on tap (yum) ready to be infused with CBD, carries honey local to our area code, and has unique health products like Caribbean Sea Moss.

Not only are they a celebrated POC-owned business here in Kenosha, but they have been dedicated to providing our community local and Wisconsin-based products since their arrival in Downtown Kenosha in 2006.

House of Nutrition


Kenosha Creative Space 

Are you looking for an open mic? Latin dance class? Human connection workshop? All of the above? You’ll find what you’re looking for and more at the Kenosha Creative Space. As a non-profit organization, KCS houses several businesses that are POC-owned, and is led by a team that includes persons of color at the helm.

The Kenosha Creative Space is the core of all creative happenings. Throughout the year, KCS hosts community events like their annual “Make Music Kenosha” festival and provides a venue for many local artists to thrive. 

In 2022, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance credited KCS with contributing to economic growth and talent in Kenosha County. And it’s easy to see why - the Creative Space continues to provide countless opportunities to our thriving arts community.

You can support the Creative Space by attending their upcoming events: Make Music Kenosha 2024 is on June 21, 2024, and they are hosting a Performing Arts Festival in early October. 

activity at Kenosha Creative Space


Hot Mess Studios LLC

Are you an artist at heart, but perfectionism gets in your way? Do you want to enjoy art in a non-traditional form? Hot Mess Studios has just what you need. 

Unleash your inner artist and let the paint fly (literally). Through Hot Mess sessions, you can throw paint-filled water balloons, use water guns and ladles, or paint with anything besides a brush to make your masterpiece. 

Everyone from a lone artist to a wild bachelorette party can find their place at Hot Mess Studios. Book your paint party, and let the chaos reign!

Hot Mess Studios

Blak Coffee Kenosha

There are so many coffee options in Kenosha, but here’s why Blak Coffee should be on your radar:

  • Delicious coffee
  • The cutest drink names
  • Stunning and delicious flavor combinations
  • They serve Lighting Bolts - a non-coffee natural substitute energy boost


Whether you're a strict black coffee drinker or want sugar coursing through your veins with every sip, there is a caffeinated beverage for you at Blak Coffee Kenosha. 

Blak Coffee Kenosha


Gordon’s Sports Bar & Grill

Gordon’s is a hot spot year-round, but especially in the summer months when the outdoor dining offers a lush backyard vibe right on Main Street! Owned by the local members of The Gordon Family, brothers Tracy and James, along with their cousin Martin, this idea was brought to life following the passing of Dimitrus Gordon.

The aim at Gordon’s is to offer a fun and friendly atmosphere that welcomes everybody! According to Tracy, the menu offering includes foods that are often synonymous with Southern and black cultures, such as fried chicken, catfish, and shrimp. Sports bar food is also at the ready, including wings, burgers, and plenty of appetizers. Watch for Soul Food Sundays, Tuesday nights with Hispanic flare in the featured menus, and more from this eatery!

(shown: outside Gordon's during Downtown Kenosha Small Business Bunny Hop 2024)

Gordon’s Sports Bar & Grill



Craving sushi and Asian Pacific cuisine? Find Ono located in Downtown Kenosha on the electric streetcar line. 

The menu includes delicious Appetizers like their Spicy Garlic Chicken, Soups & Salads, Special Rolls (I recommend their Ono Crunch Roll), Sushi & Sashimi, and more. 

You don’t want to miss out on this Kenosha staple. Stop in at Ono for delicious food, drinks, and ambience. 



Ktown Café

Ktown Café offers delicious breakfast and lunch options, including everything from pancakes to every Wisconsinite’s fav: a perfect fish fry. Their regular menu features Eggs, Omelets, Breakfast Bowls, Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Sandwiches, Sandwiches, Wraps, and more!

And with cooler temperatures creeping in, you can celebrate soup season at Ktown with rotating soup flavors like Stuffed Green Pepper and Chicken & Dumplings.

If you’re looking for comfort food and want to support a local POC-owned restaurant, Ktown is the place for you!

Ktown Cafe



Celebrating Kenosha’s diverse community is a beautiful thing. Come out and support our local POC-owned businesses and help them continue to thrive!