Kenosha Homecoming Car Show

JULY 22-27, 2025

Driving in Downtown Kenosha

Automobile manufacturing took place in Kenosha for more than 100 years. The Kenosha County Historical Society (Kenosha History Center) celebrates the area’s industrial history – including how Kenosha’s auto-making legacy shaped history through the 20th Century – both inside its museum and through events like this one.

The Kenosha Homecoming Car Show is a signature event in the Kenosha Area. Though it's not exactly an annual event, it is a much-anticipated experience for AMC and other made-in-Kenosha car collectors.

The Kenosha History Center produces the Kenosha Homecoming Car Show. Typically held every three years, the celebration will be held July 22-27, 2025. A series of events will take place at various locations. The big car show/swap meet is on Saturday, July 26.

It’s believed that there is no larger AMC show in the world!

Show your car or just come as a spectator! The Kenosha History Center recommends car owners and swap meet vendors preregister for the show/swap meet. Cars and Vendors can also register the day of the show.

Key Dates:

  • 2024: Registration will open to show your car or be a swap meet vendor.
  • Early 2025: The week’s event schedule will become available.
  • July 22-27, 2025: A series of events will take place at various locations.
  • July 26, 2025: The big car show/swap meet will take place.


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Your Event Headquarters

Kenosha History CenterKenosha History Center:

220 51st Place, Kenosha, WI 53140

(262) 654-5770

  • You’ll find a variety of AMC merchandise in the museum’s gift shop!
  • Enjoy a self-guided tour of the Kenosha History Center 


Kenosha Homecoming Car ShowSchedule of Events


Check back in 2025 for the schedule.




Kenosha’s Auto Manufacturing Legacy

Kenosha History CenterThere once was a bicycle maker named Thomas Jeffery who started producing the Rambler automobile in Kenosha. This was in 1902, and the Rambler was the second mass assembly car ever made. It was the start of a 108-year history of automobile manufacturing and engine assembly in Kenosha.

Through the years, mergers and purchases would cause Thomas B. Jeffery Co. to change hands and names many times. Nash Motors, Nash-Kelvinator, American Motors Corporation (AMC), Chrysler, and DaimlerChrysler AG all have a place in Kenosha’s history.

In 1988, automobile assembly ended in Kenosha with engine assembly continuing until 2010. To this day, Kenoshans are proud of the city’s automobile manufacturing legacy. Fortunately, this enormous piece of our community’s history is preserved and celebrated by the Kenosha History Center. Museum exhibits — including cars on display like the 1902 Rambler Model C and 1917 Jeffery Model 671 — detail Kenosha’s automotive and industrial heritage.

What happened to the factory sites?

The City of Kenosha has been working with partners for several years to plan for redevelopment of the former AMC/Chrysler site. The 107-acre site between 52nd and 60th Streets, east of 30th Avenue has seen all buildings demolished and extensive environmental remediation completed. The Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood project is in the works. Learn more HERE>

Meanwhile, the area that the lakeside plant was in has become HarborPark. A neighborhood more than a park, it’s the epicenter of Kenosha’s beautifully redeveloped Lake Michigan shoreline, encompassing 69 acres and offering an abundance of public activities. Learn more HERE> 

Questions? Contact the Kenosha History Center HERE>

In Photos - past years

Kenosha Homecoming Car Show
Kenosha Homecoming Car Show
Kenosha Homecoming Car Show
Kenosha Homecoming Car Show
Kenosha Homecoming Car Show

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