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If you're anything like me, you might have your go-to spots for fun with your friends but also want to mix it up every now and then! So what do you do? The struggle sets in with trying to decide what to do and trying to figure out what's going on and where. This short guide will show you some go-to affordable ideas for when you want to hang out with friends but don’t know what to do next!

1. Coffee Shop Hop

Lattés on the go or cute mugs in a cozy coffee shop, this is the perfect Kenosha way to enjoy a day with friends. A few of our favorites for coffee & a little treat are... Coopers Uptown, Blak Coffee Kenosha, The Daily Dose Café, Anna’s on the Lake, Smarty’s Sweets & Treats, The Buzz Café, Café at The Stella, and Red School Café!

Anna's on the Lake

2. An Indie Bookstore Moment

Studio Moonfall has a variety of books by local authors, tons of coloring books, and used book options. You don’t know a cute little Kenosha afternoon till you grab a pack of crayons and start coloring with your friends in a Kenosha coloring book. Pro Tip: Grab a picnic blanket and go enjoy one of our county parks or have a seat lakeside while you color!

Blue House Books also has a HUGE variety of books to choose from, and every single time I bring friends in there, we discover something new. The vibes are immaculate at Blue House Books - you’ll know exactly what I mean when you go.

Blue House Books

3. Antiquing & Treasure Hunting

This is such a wholesome way to explore Kenosha! Check out Vintage Underground, The Cypress Tree, Lulu Birds, Inner Child Comics & Collectibles, Le Esthers Lampshade and Repair Shop, DeBerge’s Framing & Gallery, and more! There's something so unique about checking out these shops in Kenosha. With our rich history, finding relics from the past here can be incredibly cool. Some of my favorite things to search for are vintage magazines, old photographs of Kenosha, ceramics, knick-knacks, and lamps!

In Kenosha
Go Treasure Hunting

4. Streetcar Rides & Photoshoots

We LOVE a good insta moment! Ride the iconic electric streetcar here in Kenosha, snap some photos at some of the most Instagrammable spots in the city, and don’t forget to submit them to our Picture Your Kenosha Photo Contest: From Mars Cheese Castle to the North Pier Lighthouse, the iconic landmarks are so fun to visit and have a mini photoshoot at.


Instagram-able Spots
in Kenosha

5. Walking Routes & New Views

Calling all explorers! From our stunning parks, the Lake Michigan shore, or the architecture of the historic districts, we have so many routes mapped out for you to get some fresh air and see new sights with your friends! Every time I walk in Kenosha I see a perspective I haven’t before. And if you’re feeling like a morning person - bring the group out for the sunrise! 

Get Your
10,000 Steps

6. Museum Time

Even for my non-history buffs, this is a fun adventure! If you’re a local, the nostalgia will BLOW you away, and if you’re new to Kenosha, you’ll likely be shocked by what you discover. We have 5 Museums all just minutes from each other in the Downtown area, most of which are completely FREE! The Kenosha Public Museum has some of the most complete mammoth remains in the WORLD as well as many amazing exhibits. The Civil War Museum features a unique 360-degree film experience called “Seeing The Elephant” which immerses you into the perspective of Midwestern Civil War soldiers. The Kenosha History Center and Southport Light Station Museum on Simmons Island have everything from the Rambler Legacy Gallery in the History Center to the shipwreck exhibit in the Southport Light Station Museum. And then there's the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, which has the largest collection of meat-eating dinos in the NATION!

In Kenosha,
Climb a Lighthouse

7. Got any Games?

Want to go out and have fun on a budget? Places like The Buzz and Hold My Beer have a variety of board games, card games, and more out for customers to play and enjoy while hanging out! Change up the scenery and go run back some Uno with the crew!

Hold My Beer


8. And last but not least… Pizza Date

Everyone wishes they knew that Kenosha is a hidden gem for pizza once they’ve tried it. Watch out Chicago and New York. That’s right, we said what we said. Don’t believe us? Come get a slice!

Pizza Places
In Kenosha

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and have fun adventuring in Kenosha!

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