Looking for photo-worthy spots in Kenosha, Wisconsin? Look no further! From stand-out landmarks, murals, and hidden gems, we will break down a list of must-see spots! Kenosha’s charming beauty and lakeside scenes make it a haven for photographers, tourists, and locals alike. Documenting life & finding the beauty in every little moment can truly help to elevate any adventure!

Take the picture! You’ll look back later and be grateful you did!


Kenosha Murals

There are many beautiful murals here in Kenosha, but these are a few favorites. Consider these murals the perfect vibrant backdrop for your Kenosha group or solo shot!

 “Greetings from Kenosha”: located on the west side of 5500 6th Ave.

 “AMC Gremlin”: located in Friendship Park, 5834 6th Ave.

AMC Gremlin Mural

“Kinoje”: located on 624 57th St.

“Starry Night over Kenosha”: on the west facing wall of Deberge’s Framing and Gallery, 2008 63rd St.


Sunrise + Sunset

Kenosha views are everything. We 10/10 recommend taking a pause to soak in the sky’s beauty here in Kenosha! From open fields and beautiful parks to our lakeside views - the sky is literally the limit!

Kenosha harbor

Sunrises and Sunsets

Electric Streetcar

Our electric streetcars are beautiful to photograph - and even more fun to ride! You can grab a picture from outside or while you’re on board, but either way, riding the streetcar is a MUST during your visit to Kenosha.

Electric Streetcar


Lake Michigan Shore

The Lake Michigan shore is a huge part of what makes Kenosha beautiful…in fact we’d be willing to bet that almost everyone who visits Kenosha snaps a photo of the lake at least once! But where are the BEST spots to grab the shot? We recommend at the harbor, where you can see the iconic red North Pier Lighthouse and stroll through the Sculpture Walk – HarborPark. You can even get creative & try out lakeside yoga! Embracing nature in Kenosha is easy and leaves you feeling inspired and connected!

Sculpture Walk - HarborPark


From The Lake

Get in it! The lake is even more stunning when you’re on the water! Rent a kayak, duck-themed pedal boat, or stand up paddle board from the Kenosha Community Sailing Center, or book a charter with Sail Away Charters!

Sail Away Charters


Simmons Island

You can walk all the way onto Simmons Island Beach, or as the locals say, “drive by the lake” to grab a quick pic!

Simmons Island Beach


Top of the Southport Lighthouse

Ever climbed a lighthouse? Make it to the top and snap a photo! This one-of-a-kind view of Kenosha is so special!

top of Southport Lighthouse


Stunning Architecture

Hidden Gems: Downtown Kenosha is filled with stunning architecture - and between buildings you might find a hidden gem backdrop! From fall foliage, climbing vines, and historic brick walls, the walls of Kenosha are hot spots for senior photos, headshots, family shoots, and more!

architecture in Downtown Kenosha


Lakeside Gazebo

On the grounds of Kemper Center, you’ll find this adorable, tucked away, lakeside gazebo.

Kemper Center gazebo


The Stella Hotel & Ballroom

If you go to The Stella Hotel & Ballroom, they have a Café (and restaurant and seasonal rooftop bar)! And everything in Stella is an instagrammable-dream!

Cafe at the Stella


Lakeshore Pedal Tours

All aboard the Lakeshore Pedal Tour! This one is a no-brainer… not only is it so much fun to ride, but the tour will stop at different locations in Downtown Kenosha! Make memories on your tour and snap a photo!

Lakeshore Pedal Tours


Coopers Uptown

Coopers Uptown is a gift shop + café that merges modern flair with old school milkshakes and hand wrapped gifts. Definitely a great stop for the insta feed!

Coopers Uptown


We have stunning, free, accessible museums here in Kenosha that are FILLED with iconic photo ops. From a telescope overlooking Lake Michigan, to incredible immersive exhibits, and yes – mammoths discovered here in Kenosha County at two of the three oldest archaeological sites in the Western Hemisphere… you’ll never run out of creative ways to capture the moment!

Kenosha Public Museum


Bristol 45 Diner

Bristol 45 Diner is the CUTEST 50’s themed diner! Breakfast all day long and the most aesthetically pleasing vibe? Count us in!

kids at Bristol 45 Diner


Coffee Shops

Stopping in a coffee shop here in Kenosha is a great way to spice up your Instagram feed while you’re here, and we recommend it to slow down and soak in the little things! Grab a drink or snack and recharge to enjoy your day!

Blak Coffee



Need we say more? The lively, vibrant, and calming atmosphere plants create makes the EQUINOX botanical boutique, A Summer’s Garden Florist, and more … beautiful spots to shop and snap a photo with your new plants!

Equinox botanical boutique


Ice Cream Pics

There’s something about the hanging lights outside and inside of Scoops Ice Cream shop in Downtown Kenosha that just screams photo op! The colorful but cozy atmosphere feels like childhood nostalgia and trendy fresh energy all in one.

Scoops Ice Cream & Candy


Jerry Smith Farm

Pro tip: Jerry Smith Farm has an instagrammable scene for any time of year! In the Spring you can stop by the sister store, Green Acres, for beautiful flowers and produce. Summer has stunning sunflowers and fun events at the farm. Early winter/December has Christmas lights on the farm, and you can go pick out your Christmas tree at Green Acres! And of course… fall! Is it even fall in Kenosha if you don’t go to Jerry Smith’s? This Kenosha tradition - including amazing hand-painted pumpkin displays - has been bringing smiles to locals and tourists since 1975.

sunflowers at Jerry Smith Farm

Jerry Smith Farm


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