Native American Trail Tree at Bristol Woods Park10,000 Steps Route: BRISTOL WOODS PARK

When the hustle and bustle of urban life becomes overwhelming, there’s nothing like a nice walk through the woods to de-stress and unwind. The swaying trees, fresh air, and frolicking wildlife take us back to a simpler time which still exists in places like Bristol Woods Park. The park boasts miles of forested trails, two playgrounds, the wonderful Pringle Nature Center, and a venue with ropes courses and ziplining called Boundless Adventures.

Starting your journey near Pringle Nature Center, the Yellow Trail will take you past the Native American Trail Tree, which was bent and tied down by Native Americans as a sapling. The distinctive tree is 200 years old and was used as a guide for the area to point the way of the trail. Bristol Woods Park has an amazing self-guided interpretive trail that you can download to use during your hike, or just scan the QR codes on marked posts with your smartphone!

Follow the Red Trail south and east until you reach the orange trail loop which allows access to the south end of the park. Join back up with the red trail heading northwest to connect with the green trail near the Woodpecker Tree (#12 on the interpretive trail). Stick to the Green Trail north along the western boundaries of the park before looping back south and turning right on the Blue Trail a ways past the observation deck.

Follow the Blue Trail south until you reach a junction with the Red Trail again. Turn left — this section of the Red Trail will take you east back toward the nature playground and tall grass prairie restoration. From there you’ll turn south and pass the sugar maples (marker #20) to reach the familiar starting point near the trail tree where you began.

Distance: 3.2 miles

Complete your steps: One more loop around the interpretive Red Trail to find any points of interest you missed will add 1.8 miles to your tally and tie a bow around your 10,000-step adventure!

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