Cheese curds make everything better. Fresh or fried, cheese curds can put a smile on anybody’s face. If you need a cheesy pick-me-up while in Kenosha, you don’t have to look too far…and if eating cheese makes you happy, welcome to cheese curd paradise.


Fresh Curds

If fresh curds are what you seek, then check out the Brat Stop Cheese Mart, the Mars Cheese Castle, and Tenuta’s Delicatessen. You will be able to find mounds of different fresh cheese curd varieties as well as an unbelievable amount of other types of cheese you never even knew about. Check out the Saturday farmers markets for curds as well.

Take advantage of sampling if available too…it’s so fun to try new cheeses you’ve never even heard of before! Say cheese!


Brat Stop


Bristol 45 Diner cheese curdsFried Curds

You pretty much have your pick of the litter when it comes to fried cheese curds in Kenosha. Here’s an extensive list of places that offer up cheesy fried goodness – some feature traditional fried cheese curds while others provide their own unique spin on the side dish!

As they say, “When In Rome, do as the Romans do”! So when in Kenosha, eat cheese curds!  Stay cheesy!