“Do you have a kids menu?”  When you have kids, this is a phrase that is awfully familiar to you I’m sure…I know it is to me.  If you plan on dining in Kenosha County with kids, look here first for a list of some of the restaurants that offers kids meals.  Keep in mind, too, that as we tread through these uncertain times, be sure to check with the restaurant directly to see when their hours are.  Also know that menu items may change at any time.  Now, on to solving the kids menu mysteries:

Bristol 45 Diner – For kids 10 years old and younger, they can choose from French toast with bacon or sausage, Mickey Mouse pancakes with bacon or sausage, two eggs with bacon or sausage and hash browns and toast, chocolate chip cakes, silver dollar cakes with bacon or sausage, grilled cheese with fries, cheese pizza, hamburger with fries, hot dog with fries, macaroni and cheese spaghetti, popcorn shrimp with fries or three chicken tenders with fries.

Buzz Café – Kids can build their own grilled cheese sandwich!

Franks' Diner – Kids can choose from Mickey Mouse pancakes, silver dollar pancakes, mini corn dog basket, chicken strips, grilled cheese and French toast by the slice.

House of Gerhard – Kids can choose from chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, schnitzel, cheeseburger or smaller portions of some other menu items are available as well.

Italian American Supper Club – Kids can pick from spaghetti or mostaccioli with sauce, meatballs or buttered, a meatball plate or chicken fingers with fries.  All meals are served with soup or salad.

Johnny’Z Pour House – Macaroni and cheese or chicken strips.

Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub – For about $6, kids 10 years old and younger can pick from chicken tenders, grilled cheese, deep fried macaroni and cheese or grilled PB&J.  All entrees come with a kids beverage and fries.

Kenosha Brewing Company – For kids 11 years old and under, they can choose from boneless wings, pizza, hot dog, grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatball or the fish fry.  All meals are served with fruit, carrots/celery or fries with the exception of the spaghetti which comes with garlic bread.  The Kenosha Brewing Company does note that if there is something else your child would like that isn’t listed, they will do their best to prepare it for them – nice!

La Fogata Mexican Grill – For kids 10 years old and under, they can pick from a broiled chicken sandwich, chicken strips, two tacos, tostadas, hamburger, cheese quesadilla, enchiladas or a burrito.  All meals are served with rice and beans or fries.

Mars Cheese Castle – For about $6, kid’s meals include a collectable color change cup and a choice of potato chips, fries or apple slices and an entrée: corn dog, grilled cheese or two chicken tenders.

Mason’s Eatery & Pub – For $5, kids can choose from French toast, an egg, a pancake or a fruit bowl with a beverage for breakfast.  For lunch or dinner for $5, with a choice of veggies, chips, fries or mandarin oranges and a beverage, they can pick from macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, chicken bites, quesadilla, pizza bread or sliders.

The 1844 Table & Mash – For $8, kids get fries, fruit or chips with an entrée: grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, crispy chicken fingers, little tikes burger or a garden salad.

The Garage – A 3.5 ounce burger and fries.

The Red Oak Restaurant – Kids can pick from macaroni and cheese or chicken tenders both served with mashed potatoes and apple sauce for $8.

Trolley Dogs – Kids can choose from macaroni and cheese bites, a dog with or without a bun, octo dog or corn dog with a choice of chips or fries. (BONUS: a trolley goes around on a track near the ceiling.)

Union Park Tavern – For $7, kids 10 years old and under can choose from one piece of cod, two chicken tenders or four mozzarella sticks with fries and a fountain drink or lemonade.

Waterfront Warehouse – Kids 10 years old and under can pick from a hamburger or cheeseburger, cheese, sausage or pepperoni pizza, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken strips or grilled cheese.  All choices come with fries except for the pizza.

Now that the guesswork has been taken out of the kids meal equation, you can just have your kids pick their favorites and all you have to do is decide what you want to eat…but that part might be a little harder!  Visit Kenosha – and enjoy! Stay healthy and safe!

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