Keeping your health top of mind is important while traveling. This means keeping your personal, allergy, and dietary restrictions in mind while still enjoying the local flavors of your destination. Whether you are a vegetarian by choice or someone dealing with gluten-intolerances, restaurants in the Kenosha Area are ready to serve you seamlessly. Here are a few of the local restaurants that have menus geared toward specific dietary needs or can easily accommodate any request.


Buzz Cafe — The menu is clearly labeled with items that are vegan-friendly. The menu changes seasonally, but popular combinations for breakfast wraps include roasted red pepper and Brussel sprouts wrap or a sweet potato and avocado panini.

La Fogata Mexican Grill — Corn tortillas served dry can make bean, mushroom, or pepper dishes vegan friendly. The house-made suiza sauze and pico de gallo are also vegan.

Rustic Road Brewing Company — Check out the Vegetarian wings. Made from mycoprotein, a completely meat-free form of protein derived from mushrooms. They pack big flavor.

The Daily Dose Cafe — Known for an extensive plant-based offering for breakfast, you’ll find options like a Veggie Scramble, Tofu Tacos, and Spicy Sweet Potato Wraps with Vegan Aioli. Lunch adds even more variety, including an Impossible burger, Portobello Mushroom Ciabatta, and Cucumber Hummus Wraps.

The Spot Drive-In — Enjoy a classic drive-in experience and still have your needs met with a veggie burger, sweet potato fries, and even breaded cauliflower.

Valeo’s Pizza — The best part about pizza is the ability to customize, right? Valeo’s offers three traditional crusts, as well as a Gluten-Free crust, a KETO-Friendly crust, and a Zucchini crust. All these options make it easy to create a pizza that tastes great and makes you feel totally in control.


There are many additional venues that serve vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free items on their menus, or can adapt menu items to accommodate these needs. The wait staff and chefs are always happy to answer any questions you might have — so don’t hesitate to ask!