HobNob Restaurant & Cocktail LoungeSo what’s a Supper Club anyway? We know what supper is and we know what a club is, but what does it mean when you put them together? Do you need to join the club to have supper?  No - not at all. The answer is quite simple and there’s lots of history behind the name so don’t be intimidated…let’s figure this out together!

A Supper Club is a restaurant, but so much more! Traditionally Supper Clubs functioned as a social club with a high-class image and sometimes even referred to as an “underground restaurant”. Typically located on the edge of town in a rural area, much like the HobNob, some were even considered prohibition roadhouses. Supper Clubs were considered a destination where people would spend the whole night drinking cocktails, enjoying supper and partying the night away…nightclub style. 

Nowadays Supper Clubs have changed a bit…they are much more approachable, casual, and relaxed but they are still a destination providing simple menus and relish trays. What’s a relish tray? Great question.  You’ll find anything from crackers, pickles, kidney bean salad, cottage cheese, and olives. Think charcuterie board, just no meats and cheeses.  Here’s a look at four of the Supper Club experiences here in the Kenosha Area:

HobNob Restaurant & Cocktail LoungeOne - HobNob Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

Our most traditional and iconic Wisconsin Supper Club is without a doubt, HobNob Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge. Established in 1954, this supper club has it all…steaks, seafood, prime rib, an extensive wine list, ice cream drinks, live entertainment, and of course a Friday Fish Fry and a relish tray. All dinner experiences are served with soup, salad, choice of potatoes, and warm dinner rolls. For that traditional, old-fashioned, high-class feel of a Supper Club but with a casual twist, the HobNob is the quintessential spot for your next evening out. And when at a Wisconsin Supper Club such as HobNob, one must enjoy a Brandy Old Fashioned!

House of Gerhard - German foodTwo - House of Gerhard

Since 1964 House of Gerhard has provided an enchanting Supper Club experience with German American cuisine including Schweine-Haxe, Filet Mignon, and their famous Prime Rib of Beef. The family-owned restaurant still follows the recipes that founder Gerhard Dillner created, as well as new recipes. It’s old-world cooking, with everything made from scratch. The breads, muffins, soups, and German menu items are all homemade. Along with all the traditional Supper Club staples you will also find a fine selection of German beer. Guten Appetit!

Villa D’ CarloThree - Villa D’ Carlo

Villa D’ Carlo has a Supper Club ambiance complete with prime rib, seafood, and all the essentials like soup and salad, bread and butter, choice of potato, and the infamous relish tray.  What Villa D’ Carlo has that other Supper Clubs do not have is amazing Italian food and pizza. True to its origins in 1957, the same family recipes are used to this day from their dough to their sauce and their pizzas are cooked on stone bottom ovens for a perfect crispy crust. 

Italian American Supper ClubFour - Italian American Supper Club

The Italian American Supper Club has been serving up a fine food and beverage Supper Club experience since 1923.  While the Italian American Club specializes in Italian flavor, you will find Supper Club essentials like soup and salad, steaks and chops as well as seafood – even a Fish Fry on Friday!  And of course you can satisfy your Italian cravings with their specialties such as pasta, chicken parmesan, and pizza too all nestled in their restaurant full of old-world charm and classic décor.


So there you have it, Supper Clubs do not seem as intimidating anymore do they?  You even learned what a relish tray is.  Do yourself a favor and book yourself a reservation at one of these fine establishments for tonight, spend some quality some with family and friends and experience a one-of-a-kind Supper Club outing.