It’s no secret that Kenoshans love Pizza. Cut in squares or pie-shape, thin crust, deep dish, veggies, or double meat – however you serve it, we love it. There is no greater debate than “Innie or Outtie” in Kenosha though, am I right? We won’t rank it, because it’s all delicious. In fact, you’ll easily find more than a dozen options to satisfy your pizza cravings when in Kenosha. So, let’s talk Pizza!

Villa D’Carlo is Kenosha’s longest running family-owned pizzeria, made famous by the cornmeal coated thin crust pizza and homemade Italian sausage! These iconic pies have been cooked in a stone-bottom pizza oven since 1957.

Kaiser’s Pizza has been serving Kenosha since 2007. Their Pizza of the Month specials always excite guests and experiment with fun flavors like bratwurst, pickles, and corned beef. You’ll find thin crust, deep dish, and double decker pizza options at the venue – so come prepared to make decisions!

Valeo’s offers incredible pizza options, including their thin crust, a hand tossed crust, and even alternative options like cauliflower crust. Don’t miss out on their stuffed pizzas, including the award-winning Stuffed Spinach Pizza. They also offer DIY Pizza Kits!

Tuscany Bistro serves delicious gourmet pizzas with a homemade tomato sauce as their base.  You’ll find fresh options of that standout here, including the Ortolana which features arugula and feta cheese, and the Margherita with fresh basil and fresh mozzarella! Ask about their gluten free pizza, and cauliflower crust, too.

Casa Capri uses family recipes that have been handed down through four generations, making them Kenosha’s second oldest pizzeria. Famous for their thin crust and perfect homemade sauce, you can build your pizza any way you want it!

Boat House Dockside Pub & Eatery features a build-your-own pizza menu with their perfectly sized 14-inch cheese base. You can choose from Marinara or Alfredo Sauce, and add your favorite toppings. On Wednesdays, there is a $10 pizza special as well, so be sure to check out the weekly creation!

Tenuta’s Delicatessen & Liquors has a cooler filled with take-and-bake pizzas perfect for any occasion. This famous foodie store also has everything you need to make your own pizzas at home – dough, fresh cheese, delicious sauce, and authentic toppings!

Kenosha Brewing Co. is the place for Calzones! That’s right, Paielli’s pizza dough, wrapped around mozzarella cheese, homemade marinara, and a topping of your choice! They are huge, and delicious.

Century Pub & Eatery has basic pizzas for dinner and those late-night cravings. You’ll find all your favorites like cheese, sausage, pepperoni and supreme! Similarly, Brat Stop cooks up a delicious pizza from their bar! And Mason’s Pub & Eatery offers a handful of unique pizzas including a Mac’n’Cheese pizza and a Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Other pizza options are plentiful. The flatbreads offered at Waterfront Warehouse are out of this world and offer a variety of toppings that stray from traditional pizza ingredients. The Apis also offers flatbreads, including a breakfast option. Trolley Dogs serves up the Chicago-famous deep fried dough pockets filled with cheese, sauce, and other pizza toppings, better known as Pizza Puffs. We also recommend trying the build-your-own burger at The Garage or the build-your own Mac-and-Cheese at Captain Mike’s to include pizza-style toppings as a creation of your own!

Slip 56 offers a specialty called a Pinza. This twist on a pizza focuses on a dough that is made with a mixture of wheat, soy, rice, and sourdough. It’s also 80% water, creating a crunchy crust and soft center. Flavors include Mediterranean, Caprese, Veggie, Prosciutto, Margherita, and many others!

These are just some of our favorites, you’ll find plenty of options in our community. You could have pizza for every meal, several days of the week, and never leave Kenosha!