Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Dinosaur Discovery Museum
Stan, 40-foot T. Rex at Dinosaur Discovery Museum
family visiting Dinosaur Discovery Museum
Dinosaur Discovery Museum
Dinosaur Discovery Museum
gallery at Dinosaur Discovery Museum

***This museum re-opened July 7, 2020. Learn about its temporary hours, visitor policies during this COVID-19 pandemic, which interactive exhibits will be temporarily closed, museum cleaning procedures, and more here. Also, the museum's Facebook page is a great place to engage.***

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum opened in 2006 in a renovated 1908 Beaux Arts historic landmark. Visit the only Museum to focus exclusively on the link between modern birds and meat-eating dinosaurs. See the largest collection of meat-eating theropods in the nation! Learn what these dinosaurs looked like, what they ate and how they behaved. See life-scale replicas of Tyrannosaurus rex, Gallimimus, Ceratosaurus, and much more. This permanent main gallery features more than 20 meat-eating dinosaurs. Travel back in time 231.4 to 65.5 million years ago!

Also visit the permanent exhibit Little Clint: The Story of a Baby Dinosaur. This interactive exhibit follows five chapters of the journey of a juvenile T-rex (excavated in Montana), from birth, fossilization, excavation, into the lab for research, and finally making its way to a museum.  Along the way, kids can don feathered vests as they pretend to hatch in the nest, put goggles on and climb into the Dino Dig to excavate fossils, put on lab coats and look through microscopes, and create their own museum display.  Plus, there are puzzles and educational games. 

Also featuring a gift shop and free programs for adults and families are offered. Adult and school group tours welcomed.

Note: The Dinosaur Discovery Museum, Kenosha Public Museum, and Civil War Museum make up the Kenosha Public Museums.

Closed holidays.


Free Admission

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Kenosha Public Museums

The Kenosha Public Museums campus is comprised of 3 museums that are open to the public. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum, the Kenosha Public Museum and the Civil War Museum.

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