Simmons LibraryThe library…it’s just a big building filled with books, right?  That’s what I used to think!  The Kenosha Public Library (KPL) is a building full of books and so much more.  First of all, there are four locations, The Bookmobile and another that never closes.  A 24-hour library?  Yep, that’s because it’s online.  That’s right; don’t judge a book by its cover.

Chapter 1. 

KPL has books busting out of their seams!  They have every age group covered from baby to adult with special programs in between…we’ll get to that in Chapter 2.  Each library location is divided up into different sections, namely by age group. There are the children’s sections which showcases books for early literacy for babies up until 5 years old.  In the same area you will find chapter books and other kids books for school-aged children between Kindergarten and 5th grade.  In a different area of the library you will find books for Teens and then books for adults, or grown-ups as the kids would say.  Within these sections you will find movies, music, audiobooks and more for each age group.  Pro Tip: Make sure to get yourself a library card so you can check out these items and take them home to enjoy!  Otherwise feel free to stay and read while you are there.

Chapter 2.   

Now on to the special programs!  The best way to find out about KPL’s special programming is to check out their website, Facebook page or by signing up for the for their newsletters; there’s a weekly newsletter and a Kids Corner Newsletter as well.  Probably the most popular special program they have are story times for babies, toddlers and families with children.  There’s also Book Clubs you can join that have themes like Mystery-Lovers, Graphic Novels, Book Discussions, Classic Novels and Fantasy/Sci-Fi….there’s even a Call-In Book Club if you’d rather do it from home!  These programs are usually free, and be sure to check online for more specific information.  There’s always something new and fun happening at the KPL!

Chapter 3. 

While the KPL has so many programs at the library, there’s even more digitally, and it is always available through their Digital Library!  You can download and stream movies and music on Wisconsin’s Digital Library and Hoopla.  Kids need help with homework?  They can use a program called BrainFuse which features online tutoring, Academic Search Premier for resources in research papers and encyclopedia access for elementary, middle and high school levels.  For the lifelong learner, there’s business skills resources which includes NuWav Legal Document Composition, Knowledge City training videos and specialized learning for using your LinkedIn account.  Feeling creative?  There’s even an arts and crafts section that offers programs like Creative Bug, Friday Fundays and Hoopla courses.  Learn 80 different languages with Pronunciator – there’s even a Digital Citizenship class through ProCitizen.  Research to your heart’s content on business, academic, health and medical subjects.  The list goes on and on…your KPL card has no limits!

Southwest LibraryChapter 4. 

The KPL loves to keep you curious!  Not only can you check out books, take advantage of unique programming and access limitless digital content, you can also access the Library of Things!  You can check-out technology and toys like puzzles, games, outdoor activities, music recording equipment, hand puppets and other educational toys.  While you can use the library to print, copy, fax and scan what you need, did you know that you can even request to have something printed in 3D?  Just submit a request!  Finally, you also have access to The Hub: Digital Media Lab.  Get started in media production, and learn how to share your message and programming with a wide audience over cable television and the Internet.  How amazing is that?

The KPL also has genealogical and local history resources, job and career information, resume assistance, small business owner resources and financial assistance information.  The list literally goes on and on!

Chapter 5. 

When at the library you can use KPL’s WIFI for free, too!  Without a library card, you can use an Express KPL computer with a limit of 15 minutes but with a card you use a “sit down” computer or laptop for up to 2 hours per day…that’s free too.  If needed, you can even use a Brailler, a typewriter that prints in braille and a video magnifier.  Can’t make it to the library?  Have the KPL come to you!  Any resident of Kenosha County who lives east of I-94 and is confined to their home for whatever reason can request this free service! 

In Conclusion. 

The KPL basically has it all and if they don’t have it, they can probably point you in the right direction.  I’m sure I missed a few things so be sure to double-check me by visiting, going there in person or by reading their newsletters.  It’s truly amazing to have such a powerful resource available to us in Kenosha County.  So be sure to check them out soon and see what you can discover!



Library Branches:


Simmons (in Downtown Kenosha)




There are also two Community Library Locations:

Salem Lakes

Twin Lakes