mural outside Modern ApothecaryKenosha has it all…it’s even painted on our walls! Enter Kenosha's Mural Madness.

Here are the top six spots to catch some amazing wall art:




mural outside Modern Apothecary1. Modern Apothecary

Here you will find four. All on the building's sides, three on one and one big one on the other. On the right side of Modern Apothecary you will see a large, weathered mural with the store's namesake displayed. On the left side of the building, along 50th Street, you will find three smaller paintings that showcase Perennial Soaps, their pharmacy services, and a charming sign welcoming Kenosha to their shop. (Note: the business will be moving to a different location in Downtown Kenosha in 2023.)

You’ll find at 4924 7th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140 (Multiple sides of building)



Greetings from Kenosha mural in Downtown2. Greetings from Kenosha!

This is an ideal backdrop for the group photo you are taking together during your trip to Kenosha. Found on the wall outside of Jockey Factory Store and the Kenosha Area Business Alliance you will see a bright red mural that boasts our streetcars and dinosaurs a la the Dinosaur Discovery Museum.

You’ll find at 5500 6th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140 (West side of building)




Bjorn’s Penguins mural at Mike Bjorn's Clothing3. Mike Bjorn’s Clothing

Men’s suits, accessories, and penguins! On the back side of the Mike Bjorn building you will find some very well dressed penguins…in tuxedos of course! Inside of Mike Bjorn’s you will find real tuxedos too, for you or a penguin.

You'll find at 5614 6th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140 (West side of building)




car mural outside House of Nutrition4. House of Nutrition

Go back to 1970 and imagine taking a spin in an AMC Gremlin! Another fun backdrop for your group photo with friends, you can find this nostalgic car mural on the side of the House of Nutrition.

You’ll find at 5824 6th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140 (South side of building)




EQUINOX botanical boutique exterior5. EQUINOX botanical boutique

In downtown Kenosha on 6th Avenue, you can’t miss EQUINOX and the beautiful murals that adorn the top of the store. The outside of the store is almost as pretty as the inside. With farm scenes and other flowery outdoor paintings, it’s just what you need to see during the winter months.

You’ll find at 5901 6th Avenue A, Kenosha, WI 53140 (Multiple sides of building)





Starry Night over Kenosha mural at Deberge’s Framing and Gallery6. DeBerge’s Framing & Gallery

For a certainly frame-worthy mural must-see, enter Van Gogh’s Starry Night. When driving down 63rd Street your eye will surely catch this painting right away on the side of the DeBerge's building. Make sure to snap a picture of this famous work of art right here in town!

You’ll find at 2008 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143 (West side of building)



Don’t miss these noteworthy murals and be sure to take pictures to make them last longer. From historic Kenosha images to a famous Van Gogh favorite, you are sure to find some wall art to brighten your day. Keep in mind, this is just a sampling of the wonderful art that can be found throughout our community! We thank all the artists, businesses, and sponsors!

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