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  • Petrifying Springs Park
  • Petrifying Springs Park in the winter
  • Petrifying Springs Park
  • Petrifying Springs Park
  • Petrifying Springs Park
  • Petrifying Springs Park
  • Petrifying Springs Golf Course
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Petrifying Springs Park

***1/15/16 Update: Kenosha County Parks Director Jon Rudie has announced that Petrifying Springs Park, golf course, bike trail, hiking trail, cross country ski trail, and Carlisle Family Dog Park will be temporarily closed to the public due to unsafe conditions during the ash tree removal program. Kenosha County Parks is in the process of having over 2,600 ash trees removed by a logging company as part of the comprehensive emerald ash borer program. Brighton Dale Park and Fox River Park will also be closed when the loggers transfer operations to remove the ash trees at these parks. Each park will reopen as soon as the logger has finished the removal of the ash trees. Petrifying Springs Park is projected to be back open on February 7th, 2016. Loggers are working on the removal of ash trees within picnic areas, roadsides, parking areas, golf courses, dog parks and walking paths. The loggers are on a tight schedule to complete the removal of the ash trees and need to move and work uninterrupted in each park and before the ground thaws.***

Located at Hwy. 31 and Hwy. A, this is a park in the Kenosha County park system. 350 acres. Scenic hiking. Streams and rivers, picnic areas, playgrounds, volleyball courts, softball diamonds, a public golf course, shelter rentals, sledding hill (with lights for night-time sledding), and the Carlisle Family Dog Park (open year-round).

There are two permanent outdoor chess tables here: one by Parking Area 1 by the Well and another by the river in at Parking Area 4. These are permanently installed cement tables with a chess/checkerboard inlaid into them. Bring your own chess pieces or checkers to play.

The park has been home to an artesian well since the 1930s. An artesian aquifer consists of groundwater that overcomes gravity and flows upwards through a well without the need for pumping. The artesian well at Petrifying Springs Park is pure, natural spring water. Local residents and visitors alike bring empty jugs to fill up at the well spigot. The well is located at the north end of Parking Lot 1; there is no cost. Geocache information for the well is here.

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing on all trails; lighted sledding hill at Area 2; lighted cross country skiing track on golf course. The UW-Parkside Community Cross Country Ski Club grooms the cross country ski trail using Kenosha County’s equipment. The night ski trail length is approximately 3,000 feet (0.57 miles).

Fun facts: Petrifying Springs Park has owl boxes, wood duck boxes and extensive blue bird trails. Staff feeds the birds and has a squirrel playground where they feed the squirrels for park visitors to enjoy. 

History:  Nature has endowed Kenosha County with one of the most picturesque parks in southeastern Wisconsin. The 350 acre park’s name was derived from a Calcareous formation that appears on the South Ravine. Close observation of the stoney clusters, caused by rain water and chemical action, resembles petrified flora material.

A series of park interpretations correlated with early history, geology, and environmental features, will introduce the visitor to the interesting adventures of this colorful woodland retreat.

In the spring of 1835, pioneer families followed the winding Jambeau Trail from Chicago north into the new Wisconsin Territory. Covered wagon and ox team travel was slow and roads were poor. At times, it was impossible to cover more than 15 to 20 miles per day.

Upon arriving in the now Somers Township and park area, the majestic landscape with prairies, woods, and placid waters of the river revealed many favorable sites for settlement. Some men selected suitable land and staked out their “claim”. Later the land was purchased for $1.25 per acre from the government at the County Land Office in Milwaukee.

An explanation of the spring’s hydrology is given by G.F. Hansen, State geologist, UW-Madison. “The ‘spring’ that furnished drinking water in the park is a drilled artesian well in the Niagara Dolomite, but, the spring on the hillside is not an artesian flow but a contact spring. It is caused by rainwater percolating downward to a relatively impervious later and them emerging as a spring from the hillside”.

The petrified sticks, acorns, etc., that occur at such springs are not petrified in the sense that the organic matter is replaced with mineral matter. It is simply covered with lime. After time, the organic matter may decay and be entirely removed. The deposits or stoney material is described as calcareous turf can be used to describe the deposits. Wallace Mygatt, an early pioneer grain buyer, mentions in his 1850 history of Kenosha County that in Somers Township there are certain springs that have the properties of turning vegetation into stone.

History provided by Phil Sander and the Racine Journal (July 13, 1870), and shared by the Kenosha County Parks Division.

Click here for directions to Petrifying Springs Park.

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Maple Syrup Hike

March 12, 2016

It’s time for Maple Syrup! Join the Pringle Nature Center naturalist for one of three hikes scheduled for March 12 in Petrifying Springs Park.

Rebels and Redcoats Revolutionary War Reenactment

June 11, 2016 - June 12, 2016

The Rebels and Redcoats will fight an epic battle to determine if Petrifying Springs Park will remain in Kenosha County or will become part of the British Empire. The reenactment is free to the public. 

XC Thrillogy Coureurs de bois Trail Run & Relay

June 11, 2016

An ideal trail running and walking event for the more adventure-minded runners. You will encounter single track trails, groomed trails, up and down hills, and the Pike River.

Rods for a Reason - Make a Wish Car Show

July 10, 2016

All proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin.

Kenosha County Fall Wheel Ride

October 1, 2016

Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser invites bike riders of all ability levels to participate in the Seventh Annual Fall Wheel Ride to Petrifying Springs Park.

XC Thrillogy Pike River Trail Run/Walk

October 1, 2016

Starting like a cross country meet, you will experience single track, rocks, roots, water and hills! Some running will be on a paved bike path, golf course, groomed trails and single track rugged trails.

XC Thrillogy Hateya Trail Run

December 10, 2016

Hateya Trail Run (approx. 6 miles) and Hateya Trail Walk (approx. 3 miles). Enjoy great food, drinks and a bonfire to warm up at.