Uke's Harley-Davidson

motorcycle tower, Uke's Harley-Davidson
motorcycle showroom, owners Keith and Nanc Ulicki, Uke's Harley-Davidson
motorcycle museum at Uke's Harley-Davidson
Uke's Harley-Davidson
Uke's Harley-Davidson
Uke's Harley-Davidson

Keith and Nanc Ulicki welcome you to their beautiful Uke's Harley-Davidson dealership in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Uke's Harley-Davidson was established on April 1,1930 in Kenosha. It was named after Frank (Uke) Ulicki. Uke was an avid motorcycle fan all his life. He never owned a car in all of his 92 years.

Uke has passed along to every descendent, including son Keith, an immense knowledge and love for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Keith has been on a Harley® bike since he was born. He was brought home from the hospital on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Keith has dedicated his life to riding. This lead him to a 12-year professional motorcycle racing career and a complete Harley-Davidson sponsorship.

Like their father, Keith, Brenda and Karen grew up on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They traveled the racing curcuit with their dad taking along a cut down 90cc Harley and made their first solo ride at age 7. They have been riding ever since. If there's anything you need to know about Harley-Davidson motorcycles or the Motor Company, you can ask either Brenda or Karen.

Every member of the Uke's team is a Harley-Davidson expert. Walk through the doors of Uke's and see how quickly you notice a loyalty to our customers.

It's not unusual to find someone in Keith's office sharing a Harley experience or standing next to a technician watching the expert work.

Every technician in Uke's service department is fully trained and H-D certified. Each tech has earned a PHD certification from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

When you purchase a bike, you will begin your new life as a part of the Uke's family--or renew--your Harley experience.

We, on the Uke's team, have the best job in the world because we share a bond with our customers that goes way beyond business. It's truly a privilege to serve you. Stop by and visit us anytime and share your H-D experiences.

At a glance:

  • Wisconsin's oldest H-D dealership, and one of the oldest in the world!
  • Largest Selection of New and Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson and BRP Vehicles
  • Top-Rated Service Center
  • Wide variety of parts and clothing
  • Museum of Uke’s history - 1930 to present
  • State certified beginner riding course
  • Want to learn to ride a Harley-Davidson Trike or a Can-AM Spyder? Uke’s has been approved to offer a state certified, 3-wheeled beginner rider course.
  • Keith leads local rides and longer rides; contact Uke's to see what's coming up
  • Check out the calendar on our website for the many events we sponsor throughout the year
  • Free Wi-Fi

History of Uke's:

Keith’s dad Frank Ulicki bought the dealership at the age of 21 on April 1, 1930 for $250 during the Depression. Everyone called Frank “Uke”. Why Uke? Noting how everyone had nicknames in the ‘20s and ‘30s, Keith explains that people would change the Ulicki to ukulele, and that was shortened to Uke.

Prior to being a Harley dealer, Uke was a farm boy, working for Simmons Bed Company. He loved Harley, hung around a Harley dealership, and one day the dealer offered to sell it to him. Uke noted he was only 21, so they visited Mr. Davidson to see if it was possible. The answer, of course, was yes, he could buy it. Keith notes how his dad gave up his good job, taking in only four cents the first day. While the dealership existed before 1930, there are no records. Two items – a shipping crate and postcard – are at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee indicating a Kenosha dealership existed in the teens.

The first location was at 22nd Avenue and 56th Street, while the second location was nearby (and had a fire). The dealership then moved to 52nd Street, where the building had two additions. It became landlocked there, so for more land – and visibility – Uke’s moved to the frontage road, where it is now.

Uke never owned a car in all of his 92 years. He also wouldn’t marry until he bought a house. He and his wife Marie were the oldest siblings of many in their respective families, and the last to marry, Keith says. They eloped on a motorcycle to Dubuque, Iowa one Friday night. Marie ran the dealership when Uke was in the war in the 1940’s. A motorcycle with a side car was referred to as the “delivery van”, as that’s how the family got around. It’s how Keith was born and raised, and how he even came home from the hospital. There was never a family car until Keith’s older brother got his driver’s license.

The Ulicki family has had a true love affair with Harleys. Uke’s brother ran a Waukegan, IL dealership. A different brother worked at the Kenosha dealership until Harley-Davidson wooed him away to the company’s R & D department. Keith’s brother worked at Harley-Davidson for 33 years, while a cousin worked for Buell, and a niece is at Harley. Keith, Nanc, their daughter Brenda Ulicki, and their grandson Kyle Lobacz work at Uke’s. Keith says it’s always been a family joke that there have been more Ulickis working for Harley than Davidsons. Since 1930, all the males in the family have worked at Harley or the family dealership.

Luckily Keith and his dad didn’t throw anything away, so the family history has been preserved in a museum on the mezzanine overlooking the showroom. Showcased is the history of Uke’s from 1930 on. Included are photos, about 30 bikes (including a 1930 one), photos of all the locations, gas tanks, and memorabilia from Keith’s 12-year professional motorcycle racing career. There is a one-of-a-kind Rolling Stones bike on display. There was a promotion to win it and the winner didn’t want it, so Keith swapped bikes with him.


Ukes Harley Davidson Open House

June 1, 2019 – June 2, 2019

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