Treats and Beverages to Cool Down With

6/18/2018 - Meredyth Wenta

Kenosha offers cool, frozen treats for all ages to refresh you on warm days
Kenosha offers cool, frozen treats for all ages to refresh you on warm days
Kenosha offers cool, frozen treats for all ages to refresh you on warm days
Kenosha offers cool, frozen treats for all ages to refresh you on warm days
Kenosha offers cool, frozen treats for all ages to refresh you on warm days

Situated next to beautiful Lake Michigan, Kenosha is known for its lake views. Additionally, Lake Michigan has a major impact on the weather; in winter, it brings piles of snow, and in summer, a cooling breeze. With temperatures already reaching the 90s, it’s no doubt that this summer will be a scorcher. If you need more than a lake breeze to cool you off, check out these family-friendly (and some adult-only) treats that are sure to refresh you.

Family Friendly

Sandy’s Popper
Beginning as a trailer in the Kenosha HarborMarket, Sandy’s Popper has grown immensely. Now taking over two storefronts, Sandy’s Popper boasts delicious popcorn and hand-scooped ice cream in Downtown Kenosha. Sandy’s Popper boasts delectable ice cream that can be served in a cup or a cone, or as a shake. They feature many flavors with unique names, such as Pirates’ Bounty and Chocolate Lover’s Hurricane. The Chocolate Lover’s Hurricane features Double Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and topped with a Robin’s Nest Cakery Chocolate Cupcake. 
Pro Tip: Bring some popcorn home with you! It may not help beating the heat, but with flavors like Caramel Royale and Yellow Cheddar, you won’t regret it!

Mike’s Chicken and Donuts
In addition to the donuts that will make any mouth water, Mike’s Chicken and Donut Bar features delicious milkshakes perfect for any sweet-tooth. Their Mountain Adventure milkshake, my personal favorite, is made with homemade chocolate sauce, ice cream, peanut butter, and topped with Reese’s crumbles. Mike’s also has a Cookie Monster milkshake made with Oreo cookies, ice cream, and topped with even more Oreo’s!! 

Scoops Ice Cream
Located in the heart of Downtown Kenosha, this shop offers a variety of premium ice creams, some awesome dipped and candy-coated cones and dishes, options for dairy, soy, nut, and gluten sensitive diets, and even cool treats for dogs! Scoops Ice Cream has plenty of parking and a great outdoor patio area to enjoy your cool treats in the warm summer sun. Other treats are also available, including candies, cakes, and more. 

Sugar Boxx
The newest ice cream shop in town, Sugar Boxx opened last year boasting novelty ice cream treats. Think back to the days of waiting for the ice cream truck to circle your block! Now you can visit one store and have your pick of all your favorite popsicle, cones, or character treats. From a Drumstick cone to a Bomb Pop, this shop has it all – and they have great prices. Take your treats to go, or enjoy their family-friendly seating area. They even carry Water Ice – which is a specialty frozen treat similar to a snow cone – in a variety of flavors. 
Pro Tip: If you're hosting a party or event, you can have the Sugar Boxx Ice Cream truck come to your event site!

Culver's of Pleasant Prairie
Originating in Sauk City, Wisconsin, Culver’s of Pleasant Prairie is a “family-favorite restaurant” known for their Butter Burgers and Fresh Frozen Custard. Culver’s custard can be served in a variety of ways: cup, cone, Concrete Mixer, sundae, shake, malt, or float. Concrete Mixers include Culver’s famous custard mixed with your favorite toppings (candies, cookie dough, fruit, and many more). It comes in four sizes (Mini, Short, Regular, and Tall), so there is a size for each family member. If custard isn’t your thing, Culver’s also has its Summery Lemon Ice. Made with real lemonade, this treat can be served plain, topped off with a scoop of fruit, or, if you’re adventurous, mixed with their famous custard. Culver’s Lemon Ice is always my go-to after long days at the beach! Bonus, the Culver’s of Pleasant Prairie location has a giant chess game in their sideyard for extra family fun. 
Pro Tip: Kid’s meals come with a certificate for a free scoop of custard, so consider eating dinner with your dessert!

Throwback Locations
Looking to give your kiddos a throwback experience? Check out Bristol 45 Diner for their retro 1950s décor. They serve up milkshakes that could rival the best soda shop of the past. Big Star Drive-In has wonderful shakes and malts, as does The Spot Drive-In. The Spot is know for their Root Beer Whirl – their homemade Root Beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream blended in. Both drive-in locations offer old-fashioned car hop service – which makes these burger joints a truly unique experience. Jack Andrea serves up Black Cow ice cream drinks and other sweets at their original marble soda fountain counter, too!

Adult Only Treats

Boathouse Pub & Eatery
Located near the lighthouse pier in Downtown Kenosha, the Boathouse Pub & Eatery is serving up delicious and cooling Long Islands. All of their Long Islands are a full quart, 32 ounces, of tasty hydration. Along with the traditional Long Island, the Boathouse serves up 18 variations of the classic cocktail. You can get a “Packer Touchdown” with Bacardi Limon, lime vodka, and orange juice, or a “Black Sabbath” with blue Curacao and Coke. My personal favorite is “Pink Pelican” served with pink lemonade. Their outdoor patio or three-seasons deck are great places to enjoy a view of the Simmons Island Marina while cooling down, too!

Iguana Wana Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar
Boasting the largest selection of tequila in Southeast Wisconsin, Iguana Wana is the place to cool you off while enjoying fine Mexican cuisine. Their tequila bar features 100 varieties of tequila (and counting!). Besides tequila, Iguana Wana also serves cervezas (beers), vino (wine), delicious cocteles (cocktails), and margaritas. Iguana Wana has 11 flavors of margaritas, ranging from the pineapple El Tapache to the pomegranate Tulum Tropical. If you’re looking for a classic taste, Iguana Wana also has frozen fruit margaritas, which are my personal favorites. 
Pro Tip: If you’re dining out with kids, Iguana Wana also serves delicious virgin margaritas.  

Mike’s Chicken and Donuts
Sometimes the Kenosha sun starts beating down early in the morning, and in that case, mimosas are the answer. Mike’s Chicken and Donut Bar in Downtown Kenosha serves up the best mimosas! They are something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory. Mimosas are served in a tall glass, with fresh fruit (strawberry, orange, lemon, lime), and delectable candies (assorted candied fruits and of course, a Twizzler). If you’re not interested in guzzling down a drop of sunshine, Mike’s Chicken and Donuts has a great selection of spiked milkshakes and cocktails. Your morning cravings can be satisfied by a Jelly Donut Martini (with blueberry puree and sprinkles) or a Cinnamon Roll Latte (featuring homemade whip cream!). If milkshakes are more your speed, Mike’s has three spiked milkshakes to satisfy your palate: Dark & Stormy (Myers Dark rum, ginger puree, and ice cream), Birthday Party (3 Olives cake vodka and ice cream), and Sunshine (Limoncello, lemonade, and ice cream). 

Wine Knot
Nothing says Summer like a glass of Sangria. At Wine Knot, the Sangria is house-made with the Chef’s secret recipe. You can choose from a Red or White blend of this fruity wine. Enjoy just a glass, or get a pitcher for your group. In keeping with their wine theme, they also offer Frosé – a house-made frozen Rosé wine drink! It’s like a slushy for grownups!

So, whether you’re looking for an ice cream truck favorite or something a little more grown-up, there are plenty of options in the frozen treats department here in Kenosha. Pick your favorite or start your own tour to try them all!

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