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3/1/2018 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

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Sugar Boxx co-owner Joshua Ferguson
Sugar Boxx in Downtown Kenosha
Sugar Boxx in Downtown Kenosha
Sugar Boxx in Downtown Kenosha

You’ll find a spoonful of sugar and much more at Sugar Boxx, a Downtown Kenosha sweet treat shop. What started out as one ice cream truck for husband and wife team, Joshua and Charrie Ferguson, has turned into a store and two more ice cream trucks. Envision all the frozen treat choices you have from an ice cream truck at the end of your driveway, add in some tasty carnival treats like funnel cakes, and sprinkle on top a kids’ play area, and you have Sugar Boxx, the store. There are 106 treats available to choose from!

Looking at the big picture, entrepreneur Joshua wants to help other entrepreneurs while also teaching and encouraging people that they can do something with their life - that they don’t have to let their current situation and circumstances dictate their future. “I just love being able to help people,” he says. He knows first-hand what it’s like to make wrong choices, and what it means to turn your life around. His path has shaped his life and business.

The store works with a Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha program that encourages youth to learn job skills for employment. Joshua expects about seven teens to work in his shop this year. He teaches them how to operate a cash register, about customer service, what a workplace is like, and more. All the while, he encourages, uplifts, teaches, and mentors the teens. Sugar Boxx is much more than a business to him. He uses it to help others, and as a venue for families to come together and spend quality time in each other’s company.

The storefront opened April 15, 2017, while the first ice cream truck started on the road a year prior. Fast forward to 2018 and there are three trucks that travel neighborhoods and go to public events in the City of Kenosha, and throughout Kenosha County. The trucks are also available for private events.

Joshua and Charrie were wanting to open a business, but didn’t know what kind. They saw a void in the ice cream truck business in the area and knew their four kids fly out the door every time they hear one. Thus, they decided to form a family-friendly, affordable ice cream truck business of their own. Wanting to do something more for kids, they opened the store. There’s a family area with a chalkboard, magnetic board, books, and more. They chose the location at 5700 Sixth Avenue to bring more kids Downtown. “I think Downtown is great and on the up rise,” Joshua says.

Since rolling out the first ice cream truck, the business has been called Sugar Boxx. Different names were tossed around, including The Sugar Cube, which Charrie wanted. Joshua said the truck is more like a box, so they added an extra “x” and the business became Sugar Boxx.

“It’s all about giving back to the community,” Joshua says. He and Charrie were born and raised in Kenosha. Even in its short time of existence, the business has been involved in many community and charity events. They spearheaded a very successful Downtown-wide Trick-or-Treat event last October. He has many events and ideas in mind for the future. He wants to provide kids with activities to do in Kenosha; something he found lacking as he was growing up.

Among the shop’s offerings:

  • Novelty ice cream truck treats like ice cream sandwiches, character treats, popsicles, push-up pops, and more. Adults love the toasted almond bars, as well as ice cream sandwiches, strawberry shortcake bars, and Bomb Pops. People buy snowcones in bulk. Favorite character treats? Girls love The PowerPuff Girls, while boys love Spider-Man. Teens love the Oreo and Reese’s ice cream sandwiches.
  • Carnival treats like funnel cakes, mini donuts, churros, pretzels and cheese, nachos.
  • Gluten, sugar, and dairy free options are available. Anything with nuts is pre-packaged.
  • An ice cream alternative: a water ice concoction that comes in different fruit flavors, and is dairy free, GMO free, and gluten free.
  • Doggie ice cream; small dogs are welcome in the shop.
  • Milk shakes, smoothies, Slurpees, and a cotton candy machine will be added in the future.

Next time you’re Downtown, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Sugar Boxx. Ask for the Cookies ‘n Cream Big Dipper Ice Cream Cone (Joshua’s favorite item) or one of the other 105 tasty treats!

(262) 484-2437,

Please note: the store is closed November-February each year.

March 2018

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