Duck-themed pedal boat with Kenosha Community Sailing Center

International Flavors in Kenosha

Some of us have been lucky enough to travel internationally while others still have it on their wish list. Lucky for us in Kenosha, we can be a world traveler in our own city. One of the biggest highlights of world traveling is enjoying new cuisine and Kenosha gives us the opportunity to enjoy food…

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19 Awesome Sandwiches in Kenosha

Why do sandwiches always taste better when you don’t have to make them yourself? It’s practically science. Maybe it’s nostalgia for school days when someone picked your lunchbox for you? Whatever the reason, Kenosha Area restaurants are brilliant scientists when it comes to perfectly preparing…

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A Piece of Kenosha’s Heart – A guide to local pizza!

It’s no secret that Kenoshans love Pizza. Cut in squares or pie-shape, thin crust, deep dish, veggies, or double meat – however you serve it, we love it. There is no greater debate than “Innie or Outtie” in Kenosha though, am I right? We won’t rank it, because it’s all delicious. In fact, you’ll…

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