Tough times are even harder when you want to help but aren’t sure how. Maybe you are leery of contact with others. Perhaps you just don’t want to have an extended indoor dining experience yet. Maybe you aren’t in a financial position to make a purchase. Whatever the case may be, you probably still want to help support the local eateries that you love when times are good. Don’t worry. There are plenty of options, and hopefully one fits your comfort level.

1. Enjoy Family Style or Freezer Meals
Need a meal for your family? Want to stock your freezer? Several Kenosha Area restaurants are prepared to do the cooking for you with family style take-and-heat meals or freezer meals to-go. Brat Stop offers a build-your-own Brat Dinner for four people. Scoops Ice Cream has homemade soups frozen and ready for your freezer. Tuscany Bistro has family meal bundles that offer Italian feasts for the whole crew. Valeo’s has DIY pizza kits that turn family dinner into family fun! 

2. Have Food Delivered
If you don’t want to leave the comforts of home, delivery is a great choice. Between restaurant employees and third-party services, nearly all your favorite local eateries have delivery choices. Venues known for their awesome pizza (among other menu items) like Casa Capri, Kaiser’s and Villa D’Carlo have been rocking delivery for years. New to the delivery scene are options like The Coffee Pot (thanks to DoorDash), Ashling on the Lough (courtesy of EatStreet), and Haborside Common Grounds (on GrubHub). Many other local eats can be brought right to your front door thanks to these services, too. 

3. Order Carryout or Curbside Pick-up
If you’re getting a little stir crazy and have a new facemask that you want to show off, carryout is a great option for you. Restaurant staff is totally prepared to offer suggestions on what transports the best, or reheats well. You can stop in and say hi to your favorite bartender while you grab your food, or you can wait in your car while someone runs it to you curbside. These adaptions are available at just about every restaurant. Some venues that make it super easy are places like La Fogata Mexican Grill, Waterfront Warehouse and El Camino Kitchen (with numbered parking spaces to pull into when picking up), The Buzz (also offers a grab-and-go cooler for easy selection on the fly!), Daily Dose Café (you can even order and pay online for added ease), and The Spot Drive-In (where drive-in service has been their game for decades)! When you call to place your order, you can always ask about curbside service – most restaurants are happy to accommodate you. 

4. Dine Out Safely
When you’re ready to get dressed up, put on a little makeup, do your hair, and hit the town, our restaurant properties will be ready to welcome you in the safest ways possible. Kenosha Area restaurants offer plenty of space for physical distancing like Twisted Cuisine with three dining rooms or Hobnob with private dining rooms. Iguana Wana Mexican Grill has installed a Dermalog temperature check machine for guest safety. Mason’s Eatery & Pub sanitizes the restaurant regularly through a sanitation franchise co-operated by one of the restaurant’s Managing Partners (who knows the needs of keeping restaurants clean better than owners?). At Wine Knot you can even dine outdoor in heated igloo style pods for a private, physically distanced experience. You’ll also find variations of things like heightened cleaning procedures, enforcement of mask mandates, hand sanitation stations, disposable or washable menus, and other precautions at nearly each of our partner restaurants in the area. 

5. Purchase a Gift Card
If it all feels like too much right now and you’re embracing your new home-cooking skills, that’s okay too. Maybe purchasing a gift card for yourself or to give as a gift is something that would interest you. You can purchase on site, online, or even by phone in some cases. Most restaurants would be happy to take a payment by phone and mail your gift card to you – just ask to speak to a manager. 

6 Leave Some Love Online
Not all support has to come in a monetary form. You can help by being a local advocate. Share your past experiences and photos from your favorite restaurants online. Leave a Yelp Review. Post something delicious for others to see on Instagram. Or give a thumbs up on Facebook. All these actions help restaurants to spread their message and truly make a difference in their ability to reach potential diners. Want to see some delicious food photography? Check out Sazzy B or The 1844 at The Stella on Instagram, or the Captain Mike’s Facebook Page. You will also see places like Johnny’z Pour House and Franks Diner posting about their specials – so go ahead and tell them what a great job they are doing! 

Hopefully we can all run into each other at restaurants and bars again soon. Until then, we hope that you’ll continue to be a champion for our amazing local restaurants. They work hard and we want to make sure all the delicious dining options are there for us when all the challenges we are currently facing are behind us. Thanks for all you do to SUPPORT LOCAL!