The Visit Kenosha Team was incredibly proud to present our new 2020 Kenosha Area Visitors Guide last January! As you can imagine, a lot of time and effort goes into producing the Visitors Guide each year. One of the biggest decisions our team makes is what the cover photo will be.

As you may or may not know, automobile manufacturing took place in Kenosha for more than 100 years. The Kenosha History Center organizes the Kenosha Homecoming Car Show to celebrate Kenosha’s auto-making legacy. The car show generally only occurs every three years. There were close to 1,000 cars on display in 2017, when the show was last held. It’s believed that there is no larger AMC show in the world.

The show was scheduled to take place in 2020, hence the choice for the Visitors Guide cover. As inspiration, we used the cover of our 1998 Kenosha Area Visitors Guide, which featured a family with a Rambler American in Petrifying Springs Park. Our team worked with photographer Kevin Poirier, as well as local car collectors and enthusiasts Terry McMahon, and the Bohaczek, Lucas, Trecroci and Wojciechowicz families to feature various Kenosha-made cars at local places.

The photo shoot included four cars and many locations. Photos were taken at Big Star Drive-In, Southport Lighthouse, Petrifying Springs Park, and more places along the lakefront and in Downtown Kenosha. While only one photo could be chosen for the cover, we were able to include some of the other ones inside the Visitors Guide. We’ll also be using the photos for other marketing purposes for years to come.

So what we can tell you about the Nash that’s on the cover of the Visitors Guide?

  • Owners: local residents Ray and Carolyn Lucas.
  • The 1952 Nash Statesman Super is a 2 door, which is rare.
  • Made in Kenosha.
  • One of only 6,001 made.
  • Model #5246.
  • Flathead 6 Cylinder Engine.
  • Colors - Bottom is Skyline Blue, Top is Tuxedo Dark Blue.
  • The car was sent from the factory to Fergus Nash Motors Co in Fergus Falls, MN. It still has the original metal Fergus Nash Motors Co. emblem on the body.
  • The car spent some years in Minnesota and North Dakota.
  • Ray and Carolyn purchased the car from a man in Lima, Ohio in 2013.

While I could go on about the car – thanks to the information Carolyn provided us with – suffice it to say this is a very eye-catching photo to represent Kenosha this year! Of special note, the original flathead 6 engine was unrepairable, so they obtained another flathead 6 from Jim Dworschack of Soldiers Grove, WI.  Jim is the originator of the Nash Car Club of America and a great help to all its members, according to Carolyn. Jim is also the owner of the rare 1948 Nash pickup truck that was recently on display at the Kenosha History Center.

When the COVID-19 pandemic changed plans for the car show, it also changed plans for our 2021 guide. Visit Kenosha made the eco-friendly decision to continue use of the 2020 publication through the 2021 calendar year, while directing visitors to for updated details about events and business services. So much remains the same, yet fine details are ever-changing. This guide was a labor of love, and was too beautiful to discard after a year with little travel. You can view the 2020 (and still current in 2021) Kenosha Area Visitors Guide online here or order a print copy to be mailed to you.