Public Food Markets, Inc., dba Kenosha Public Market, is pleased to announce a future project that will be located at the Southeast corner of 58th Street and 6th Avenue in Downtown Kenosha. The venture will provide space for a commercial kitchen, a food hall with permanent vendors, and a long-anticipated grocery store for the community.

Public Food Markets, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on providing a collaborative, organized and educational marketing alternative for small scale agricultural and specialty products; and to educate the public in the value of local healthy products and activities. PFM will have a full-service grocery, with grab-and-go selections, pick-up and delivery services, and in-store shopping experiences.

PFM Retail Grocery and Shared Commercial Kitchen will be essential to supporting a healthy, sustainable food system that contributes to the success of local food growers, producers, and local entrepreneurs.

This project will serve residents and businesses in the downtown district, as well as the surrounding food desert and visitors to the Kenosha community.

PFM’s project is in its infancy and is being presented to local officials in the coming weeks. PFM plans to purchase the vacant lot and erect a new structure to house the project, following approval from City Officials. A board of directors has been established to see the development to fruition, along with guidance from the expert team at Partners in Design Architects.

PFM’s retail grocery store will sell fresh and affordable healthy food which will be locally owned and operated, sourced locally, and employ residents a livable wage, and incorporate sustainability practices.  The goal is to break ground by the Summer of 2024 with an opening in 2025.

Kenosha Public Market will continue to operate the outdoor summer events and indoor winter events at their existing locations through construction and following the opening of PFM. The two ventures will operate in tandem.


This press release was produced by Kenosha Public Market, one of our Tourism Partners.