Foodie February: The Feel is Fun, the Food Divine

2/7/2017 - Laura Wendling

Twisted Cuisine Winter Salmon

February is “Foodie Month” for the blog! Happy dance for me! It’s no secret that Steve and I are entering a new stage in our lives – the “progressive empty nesters”.  Kids moving on and some major lifestyle transitions for certain. While bittersweet (e.g., no more soccer games, cheer competitions, me screaming obnoxiously for my girls, etc.,) it is also exciting for Steve and I to get out of our routine and embark upon some new adventures as a couple.

With our weekend calendar a bit more open these days, we decided to get a jump on Valentine’s Day and have date night at Twisted Cuisine. If you are a resident reading this and haven’t visited yet…what are you waiting for? <laughing> Seriously, we have a culinary treasure for any foodie enthusiast right here! If you are visiting, you absolutely have to put this on your “must-visit” list for dining.

IMG_3405.JPGTwisted Cuisine is for everyone, and has something for everyone. This “casual gourmet” restaurant is for couples, families, a night out with friends, special events, etc.  We saw an expansive demographic of diners, all enjoying themselves and the food. 

Steve and I have been blessed to travel across the country and have experienced some fabulous dining experiences in Chicago, Dallas, Savannah, Charleston, etc. I can honestly tell you that our night at Twisted Cuisine rivaled and surpassed the ambience and entrées we have enjoyed at these more traditional “foodie” towns. How cool is that?

Feeling Good Before You Even Get Your Food…

I promise to get to the food, but when you walk into Twisted Cuisine, the vibe is warm, cozy, and welcoming. We talked with the owner Rhonda, and she kept referring to “family.” Meaning everyone here treats you like an extended family member or friend. While the menu has “playful” ingredients, the commitment to providing an exceptional meal in a relaxed atmosphere is taken seriously. The wait staff is very knowledgeable. They try all the menu items and provide exceptional guidance regarding food choices. It is not uncommon to see Rhonda and Chef Erica making rounds of the restaurant while chatting, laughing, and even hugging customers.

The Food. Oh, the Food…

Chef Erica is a gifted culinary master, who has a vision of folks being able to try more than just one item on the menu. Besides her obvious passion for cooking for others who love food, she has a special place in her heart for seafood dishes. However, the menu is eclectic and has a definite “twist” of many different items (see what I did there? haha).

Know The Menu

The menu is categorized by:

  • Bites (yummy snacks to whet your appetite)
  • Shares (aka appetizers)
  • Greens – Salad anyone?
  • Mains – your main entrée(s) with sides
  • Sweets – self-explanatory. Lol

And…there is an extensive mixed drink, beer and wine menu. I highly recommend the “Dog Attack.” <grin>

TwistedCuisine3.JPGYour visit can be chatting with friends over snacks or appetizers, or you can stay for the more traditional “dinner and dessert” experience. What is really unique is that you can choose to get either a full size (“large plate”) entrée under the “Mains” or opt for a “smaller plate” portion, without the soup or salad. This allows you to try a number of different foods that you may otherwise miss out on! Insider tip: be sure to check out the weekend specials on small and large plates! The variety of flavor combinations will amaze and satisfy your palate!

Steve and I decided to try as much as we could, so we dived into the small plate choices for the “Mains”, accompanied by some other goodies. Life is short, right? I was ecstatic over how we could be adventuresome and sample so many entrees. Foodie paradise! (Insider tip: Creativity inspires change, so the menu is updated 3-4 times a year.  Some faves stick around. “Like” the Facebook page or visit the website to get the latest on specials and menus.)

Twisted Cuisine is known for its scallops, pork tenderloin, short ribs, and crab cakes. However, there are options for pasta and beef lovers too! We started with flash-fried olives from the “Bites” menu, which were a perfect way to begin the evening. From “Appetizers” we ran with the tuna on crispy rice and soy, saganaki (another staple Twisted is known for) and pig cheek. The pig cheek is a stand-out dish, and honestly not something we’d typically try. BUT…this was to die for! Accompanied by sweet radish and mustard, this was one of the most delicious and tender appetizers I had in a very long time. Seriously. Try. This. You are missing out if you don’t. We moved on to the superb beet salad, with whipped goat cheese, hazelnut and cider gastrique dressing. The evening’s small plate special was corned beef poutine with Dijon swiss gravy. Unbelievably tasty and reminded me of our trips down south…

For our “Mains” we went with the pork tenderloin (in Tennessee brine and spicy pickles) sea scallops, and the short ribs. Each item was outstanding in its own right, and we couldn’t pick a favorite.  It was all that fantastic. We ended our meal and satisfied our sweet tooth with the toffee cake with caramel.

(Insider tip: Reservations are recommended, especially on the weekend.)

Why not soak in the relaxing atmosphere, partake in phenomenal food, and join the Twisted Cuisine family? You’ll never get bored with the menu. You will also leave with a smile on your face and wonderful memories. Bon appetite! PS - Be sure to share your photos with Visit Kenosha on social media! #KenoshaFun #KenoshaEats  

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