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2/26/2017 - Gretchen Covelli

Mangia Wine Bar Pizza kenosha WI
Mangia Wine Bar Kenosha Happy Hour Pizza Deals

Friday night in our house is ALWAYS pizza night. It truly has become a family tradition. One, I might add, that I have come to LOVE (one less meal to plan/cook!). I do, however, have the challenge of staying within a budget (when did pizza get so crazy expensive?!) without being mundane week after week. Friday night pizza specials and coupons are few and far between – I guess we are not the only family with this tradition. You could say I was just the teensiest bit excited when I stumbled upon one of Kenosha’s most loved restaurants offering a SUPREME pizza deal!

Mangia Wine Bar offers a HALF price pizza Happy Hour special!!! I ADORE Mangia’s food, so this news was like winning the lottery. Having been a server there during my college years, I craved their food to no end when we lived in California. Since moving back home, my husband and I would have anniversary dinners there but we never brought the kids along.  It was a little out of our price range for our whole family. I can honestly say, that is no longer the case! Their Happy Hour special is seriously affordable and it includes wine - I’ll take that over delivery any day!  Also, they offer this Happy Hour special Wednesday thru Saturday from 5 – 7 p.m., so it works for our Friday night tradition.

Now, I know family budgets can vary greatly, so I am fully prepared to lay it all out on the table and break down the pricing for you. We are a family of five, on a single income. Between my husband, two growing boys, and a teenage daughter, we can really pack away the pizza. So we have to be savvy. Normally, ordering a pizza from a local pizza parlor (are they still called that?) costs us anywhere from $25 - $40, plus tip if we decide to have it delivered. I would also like to fully disclose, we do not order pizza every week. We rotate with making our own, frozen & ordering.  This rotation works really well for us, not only on cost savings, but helps to make each week feel special in its own way.

So, back to the task at hand. We ordered 3 GORGEOUS, wood-fired pizzas. Hand tossed, using fresh local ingredients. Happy Hour cost, $8 each!  In addition to the pizza is complimentary Focaccia bread with hummus, and if we are being honest, I could have devoured that as my meal all in itself. SO GOOD (my kids even loved it and I have picky eaters)!  In the end I was happy I saved room for the pizzas, obviously. They were absolutely sensational!  We ordered the Smoke & Cure (pepperoni), the Pollo (chicken & rosemary) and (my personal favorite) the Magic (mushroom & cheese). Not one crumb was left behind, I can assure you.

Now, if you remember, I mentioned wine!  Also included in the Happy Hour Special are $5 Stemmari House Wines,  $3 Rail mixers, and half-priced Grey Goose cocktails. Our tab was at $24 with 3 pizzas, so my husband and I decide to each get a glass of wine and we were still within budget, coming in at $34. We are not big soda drinkers, so other than the wine we all had waters.  The kids loved that it was in a “cool” bottle that stayed on the table during our meal so that they could refill their glasses as much as they liked. 

Another fun part of the night was just being out!  We never “go out” for pizza! We were seated in the lounge area (happy hour special is only available in the lounge area), which was such a unique atmosphere.  It was inviting and calming, very family-friendly, and yet offering an elegant-urban vibe. My kids felt right at home with sports on the bar tv, music in the background and chalkboard walls (my five-year-old’s favorite)!  We could talk, laugh and just be ourselves. Which, when I think about it, makes sense. Mangia is a family owned and operated business. When I worked there I felt very much a part of that family. Even though it is many years later and I may not recognize as many faces, I still feel that sense of family when I walk through the door. Diners know Mangia for their superior food, and sometimes forget that it is a place that you can take the whole family to – and not just for special occasions.

All in all, we had an exceptional meal, a new experience, made some great memories, and we stayed within our budget! Friday night pizza at Mangia has become a part of our family tradition – hopefully it will be part of yours, too.

P.S. Order dessert! You'll thank me later.

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