Kindness ROCKS!

2/17/2021 - Elizabeth Walczak

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Spread Kindness with the Kenosha Rocks Project!
Spread Kindness with the Kenosha Rocks Project!
Spread Kindness with the Kenosha Rocks Project!
Spread Kindness with the Kenosha Rocks Project!

Kindness Rocks! In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Day, we thought we would share about one of our favorite random acts of Kindness – the #KenoshaRocks project! This isn't just for Kindness Day, though. You can enjoy this activity all year long!

That's right. Paint a rock!

Yes, it is that simple! I started participating this past summer and I’ve found it to be a stress reliever as well as a way to let my creativity out. You can paint anything you want. From inspirational words, something funny or even tie-dye effects… anything goes and you do not need to be an artist!

This is also a great way to connect with others in our community and beyond. On Facebook, look for the group called Kenosha Rocks! There, you will find many pictures of what others find as well as what they are working on. You can also exchange ideas and tips for painting. 

Once you paint your rocks, you’ll want to “hide” them around town, or places you visit. The idea is to spread a little cheer to others. Once “found” they can be kept or rehidden.

Where to hide your rocks? Anywhere you would like! Some of the most popular places to hide them around town include the Kenosha Public Museum, Petrifying Springs Park, the grounds of Kemper Center, around the shops and restaurants in Downtown Kenosha and HarborPark, and more!

This is a great activity to enjoy individually, as a family or with friends and doesn’t cost much to do. Have fun with this and remember that random acts of kindness can put a smile on anyone’s face.


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