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11/2/2020 - Denise Bernacki

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Public Craft Brewing Co. new, expanded location in Downtown Kenosha.
Public Craft Brewing Co. new, expanded location in Downtown Kenosha.
Public Craft Brewing Co. new, expanded location in Downtown Kenosha.
Public Craft Brewing Co. new, expanded location in Downtown Kenosha.
Public Craft Brewing Co. new, expanded location in Downtown Kenosha.
Public Craft Brewing Co. new, expanded location in Downtown Kenosha.

The people have spoken and their voices have been heard.  Public Craft Brewing Company has moved on up in K-Town and they have set up shop on the northeast corner of Seventh and 58th Street.  That’s right, Barden’s department store has a new resident and they are “for the people”!  This building has been through a few changes since 1911 but Matt Geary, Owner and Head Brewer of Public Craft Brewing Company, hasn’t lost sight of the historic value of the building.  Just as Matt doesn’t miss a note when it comes to the flavor detailing of his brews and naming them (i.e. K-Town Brown and Bits and Pieces), he made sure to take his time when it came to paying homage to the building’s history.  As you stroll along the corner of the brewery’s new location, you may think you are walking past a department store when you see the nostalgic furniture store set-ups that are in the front display windows.  In the spirit of Barden’s department store, with some gracious help from his mother, they were able to create front window displays with vintage furniture and accessories found at local thrift and antique shops.  Not only is it fun to look at and enjoy the nostalgia, you can even pull up a seat on one of these historic couches or chairs while you sip on one of Public’s brews.  It’s true, these furniture displays are not just for window shopping.  Matt has lots of plans for the window displays so make sure to keep hopping back to see what’s new.

If you missed Public’s grand opening, no need to worry because you will have an amazing experience no matter when you choose to stop in for a beer or a bite.  So that’s another important part of this location…food!  And not just your typical bar food either.  Public Craft Brewing is not a bar after all…it’s a taproom.  While you sit and enjoy what’s on tap, whether you choose to sit on a couch, at a table or around the taps, make it a point to see what’s on the menu, which by the way is available for pick-up or curbside as well.  You’ll find appetizers like Fried Pickled Escebeche, salads, sides like tots and chips and dessert like the Chocolate Ancho Stout Cookie.  Got kids joining you?  There’s even a Kid’s Quesadilla on the menu.  But what the public eye should be on are the tacos.  They are available a la carte, which is perfect for sampling, and you will find unique fillings like lamb, mushroom as well as their newest offering, the Toberfest taco.  It’s made with bratwurst, house-made sauerkraut and mustard; and of course it pairs nicely with, you guessed it, The Tober brew, a Festival Ale. 

If all of this sounds great but going out in public for beer and food just isn’t your thing yet, Public has you covered for pickup, curbside and in-person in the taproom for when you are ready.  If you remember Public’s former setup at the original location, you’d agree that social-distancing was nearly impossible in that space.  When entering the new location, you will be amazed at how open it is!  Plenty of seating, table space and everything is very spread out so staying six feet away from other patrons is so easy.  Still not convinced?  Visit, click on Store and build your order for food and brews!  You can order any of the delicious food mentioned earlier as well as certificates for four-packs, 22 ounce bombers and growlers with a new glass included.  

Along with a larger location comes a longer brew list.  Their beer selection is almost as big as their new building.  The brew offerings do change frequently so you can always look online for the latest taproom news, but you will always be sure to find pale ales, shandy, table beers, porters, brown ales, IPAs, wheat beers, red ales, stouts and even some root beer…pairs nicely with the Kid’s Quesadilla!  There are also always plenty of four-pack cans and 22 ounce bombers in stock too if you want to bring a piece of Public home with you.  You’ll find your old favorites like K-Town Brown and Bits and Pieces, but my absolute favorite is anything sour, and in this case, Weisse City Strawberry Rhubarb…so good!  I will tell you that Public was the brewery that first introduced me to sour beer and because of that, I am addicted to sours and Public…but addicted in a good way, don’t worry!  

One of the highlights of the grand opening was getting the chance to go on a tour of the brewery.  While they are not doing tours regularly yet, the chance to do so will be here shortly.  You’ll get to see the inner workings of where the beer is produced, their canning area and the tasting/private party room in the basement.  This is my favorite spot of the new location because it’s almost like they cut the old location out and inserted it in downstairs, complete with the original taproom menu on display.  While paying tribute to their beginnings, head around the corner to the stairway and look down.  You will discover the coolest part of this building that was dug up during renovations.  Under the original flooring, the renovators found streetcar tracks.  I am so happy that Matt decided to keep a piece of this relic there; how incredible to stand there and imagine yourself where a streetcar once traveled.   

Who remembers Turntable Tuesdays?  Public is prepared to host this popular event again in their new space.  Head behind the taps and you will find rows of records complete with a record player ready to spin.  Stay tuned for when you can dig through their collection as well as bring your own music in to share.  Speaking of music, a huge spotlight should be placed on this next act, The Platform at Public! This stage is separated by large, wooden sliding doors that open from the taproom to The Platform.  Live bands can be seen jamming out in The Platform room either through the windows or inside.  The separation of the two rooms is ideal because it allows for patrons to choose between the musical experience or a more relaxed, conversation-friendly setting.  With that being said, the doors can remain open and the party can be enjoyed throughout – an exceptional attention to detail!  Further, you don’t have to choose between beer and music because The Platform room features its own mini tap!  

We all need something to get excited about these days and that’s why Public Craft Brewing Company’s opening of their new location couldn’t have come at a better time.  With a layout ideal for social-distancing, equipped with food and beer available for in-person, pick-up or curbside service, you can’t go wrong.  No matter how you choose to experience Public Craft Brewing Company, make sure you pay them a visit the next time you are in Downtown Kenosha. Public is here for the people!


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