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1/19/2020 - Autumn Rose DeCesaro

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Wilmot Mountain snow tubing
Wilmot Mountain snow tubing

Get out of the house this winter and race down the epic slopes at Wilmot Mountain. I took a night trip out to Wilmot to go tubing for the first time. Having never been to Wilmot before, I was a little uncertain trying to navigate my way through the resort, but the employees at Wilmot are phenomenal- they were kind, welcoming, and ready to get you what you need for a stellar slope session. Make sure you and your friends pack the essentials: hats, gloves, snow pants, warm boots, and money for hot chocolate.

Standing at the top of the slope was breathtaking. When the lights hit the snow it turns into a lustrous wonderland. The ground was smooth and easy to walk on- it feels like you’re gliding on ice only Elsa could create. While you admire the scenery you’ll hear girlish screeches, mainly coming from me, or the tubers around you. Chilling in the tube at the top of the hill is an exhilarating feeling, and that first drop, that increases the speed, and suddenly you are flying. This stomach dropping feeling can only be experienced. Which means if you are feeling like being cold for a good cause, you must head out to Wilmot.

Prices and times can be found on the Wilmot website and you can check out the frosty events they host- Totally Tubular on January 25th is one you’ll find me attending! Please be sure to be cautious of your safety and others around you while on the hill. Children must be accompanied by an adult if they do not meet the criteria for tubing. These rules are set in place to ensure the highest level of care for new guests, regulars, and the Wilmot staff.

Autumn Rose DeCesaro

Autumn Rose DeCesaro

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