New Year, Super You

1/10/2020 - Denise Bernacki


New Year, Super You!  Have you made a New Year’s resolution for 2020?  Have you set out to change something about a behavior or trait you have?  Is there a goal you want to hit this year?  What is it you want to improve?  On a mission to save the world?  No matter what your resolution is, you will need to dig deep to unleash your extraordinary powers and capitalize on your strongest skills to achieve the most success as possible; in other words, you will need to morph into your Super Hero persona! Lucky for you, Kenosha is home to many a Super Hero.  The start of 2020 is off to a super start here in Kenosha and you don’t have to look far see where they all unite.  

Does your New Year’s resolution involve honing in on your artistic and creative skills like the Green Lantern or using your journalistic superpowers like Clark Kent?  Through January 12, the Kenosha Public Museum is showcasing The History of Mystery.  George Hagenauer, a collector of comics, artwork and books, is a Super Hero in his own right and shows how the mystery genre grew in America to become one of the largest influences in popular culture, from detective stores to gangsters and G-men, noir and pulp fiction, gothic mysteries, masked heroes and caped crusaders, kid detectives, international spies, and much more.  The exhibit shows original art, comics and books that uncover the greatest creators and characters of the genre.  General admission is free.

Does your New Year’s resolution involve perfecting your “flying” skills on the slopes?  On January 12, Super Heroes will assemble on the slopes at Wilmot Mountain for none other than, Super Hero Day!  Join Mr. Freeze, Iceman and Captain Cold in the snow and strap on your skis and snowboarding gear because it is time to wave that cape in the wind.  There will even be a Costume Contest at 1pm for Best Overall Costume, Most Original Super Hero and Best Super Hero Group.  

Does your New Year’s resolution involve taking the time to embrace your inner child?  Remember the good old days and relive your childhood memories at Inner Child Comics & Collectibles in Downtown Kenosha!  As a child, did you ever imagine that you were powerful like Batman, Wolverine or Wonder Woman?  Take the time and stroll down memory lane while you thumb through vintage comics, toys, action figures and memorabilia.  It doesn’t stop there: remember the movie monsters that made you jump in the theater, find that Nintendo game that your parents made you stop playing or spruce up your grown-up walls with some classic comic art. 

Visit Kenosha in 2020 and start your New Year’s resolutions in Super Hero mode!  Free your creativeness, discover new art inspirations, give your writing new vision, spread your wings and let your cape fly and remember who you are because in 2020, the Super Hero is YOU!

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Denise Bernacki

Community Blogger

Brand new Kenosha resident – just relocated here Fall 2017 from NW Indiana. Touring Kenosha for the first time along with my husband and 3-year-old son.