Supporting Local and Each Other

4/28/2020 - Kris Jensen

Hey Sports Tourism Friends!

Ever since I started playing sports, coaches would drill the concept of T.E.A.M. into my head. I still can hear the words: “There’s no “I” in “TEAM”. Team spells: “T-together E-each  A-achieves  M-more”. During these challenging and unprecedented times of our lives, nothing could be truer than that statement.  While “Social Distancing” is the new normal, it can bring us closer together on defeating this pandemic sooner. 

Our organization is working with other local and state agencies to determine how best to respond to this crisis in our community. We want to make sure our team, partners, clients, visitors and industry friends stay safe and stay healthy. Our team is doing our part of observing the social distancing guidelines. We’re all working from home and are equipped to help you send out your updates and/or your message to our community connections...because at the end of the day we are ONE TEAM!

I consider you a teammate and part of our team.  And what do good teammates do? Teammates support one another, pick each other up, have each other backs. We are here for you!

So teammate, WE need to take care of “our” HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE. Let’s #REVisitKenosha! There is nothing better than having the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE! Kenosha has that! I know we can win at home by supporting our local businesses!  

Take some of the stress off your life and let someone else cook for you. Plus, it’s nice to get out for a bit. If I can do it, certainly you can as well. Many of our local restaurants are doing curbside and/or delivery! My family tries to select a different establishment every week. I’m not asking you to go out every night or every week, just what you can do or what you can afford, every little bit helps. My family placed an order last week and we had left overs, so it helps stretch your dollar too! Check out for the roster of partners who are still in the game ready to serve you! 

Don’t want to eat, that’s ok too. Many of our retail businesses have created online stores that will ship to your home as well. The best part of being on the team is getting a team uniform! Our friends and great teammates at the Lettering Machine have created the SUPPORT SQUAD. Here’s how to get your uniform/shirt:

  • Support 5 locally owned small businesses, make purchase and keep receipt.
  • Email photos of receipts to the
  • Include shirt size (limit 1 shirt per customer, receipts cannot be reused). Also Name and Shipping Info.
  • The Lettering Machine will pay for the shipping or personally deliver your shirt to your doorstep.

Please visit their website at

Don’t overlook the talent of our team line up. Kenosha has several businesses who are nationally acclaimed and are still ready to serve you during this time.  So that’s why we encourage you #REVisitKenosha…. support local.

Once this whole thing calms down, and it will, people in our city, our state and our country will need to get out and about. Please try to stay confident, we (you and I) need to be ready to get back in the game to welcome our visitors, be ready to show our hospitality, be ready to serve our customers and be ready to host fantastic events.

We’re in this together and we’ll get through this together! #REVisitKenosha!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Kris Jensen

Sports Development Director

Badgers, Packers, Cubs. Sports Enthusiast. Team Player. Solution Seeker. Kenosha grown. Carthage Alum - Red Men Proud with Warhawk flavor. Husband and father. Intrigued by tradition and history.