New Kenosha Area Activity Book

3/31/2020 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

Family-Friendly, History, Interactive
Kenosha Area Activity Book

Whether you’re a long-time Kenosha resident, a newbie to the area, a nearby neighbor, a frequent visitor, or someone who plans to visit in the future, you’ll have fun with this Kenosha Area Activity Book that we have developed. It’s for all ages and includes trivia, coloring, and other activities. The coloring page on the cover includes modern and historic Kenosha scenes. Some of you may recognize the page; it was used for the coloring contest we used to offer local third grade students during their Kenosha unit of study. (The coloring contest was the predecessor to an essay contest.) The activity book includes two photo quizzes, a crossword puzzle, a word search puzzle, and streetcar activities. There are also 50 trivia questions that are divided into four categories: Kenosha history, pop culture, celebrity, and sports & recreation. Every question is related to Kenosha! Do you know what year the Southport Lighthouse was built? Can you name the Civil War Museum’s mascot? Are you up to speed on the actors and current NFL and MLB players from Kenosha? Get started on the Kenosha Area Activity Book here. We hope you enjoy it!


Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

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