New FUN 101 List Available

3/10/2020 - Meridith Jumisko

Kenosha Area CVB FUN 101 Spring Summer 2020 Free
Kenosha Area CVB FUN 101 Spring Summer 2020 Free
Kenosha Area CVB FUN 101 Spring Summer 2020 Free

Did you know that the Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has just produced its 18th FUN 101 list? This is our list of 101 Things to See & Do for $10 & Under (Many are FREE!) in the Kenosha Area. The list started in June 2010 as a one-time sample story for media on our website. That’s even before our URL was! We wanted to show how much there is to experience here – at a very affordable price.

We decided to continue with this affordability theme, while also making the list available in a brochure format to distribute from our two Visitor Information Centers. The first brochure was produced in the summer of 2012. It was at that point that we started producing the list twice a year – for the fall/winter and spring/summer months. This Spring/Summer 2020 brochure is our 17th brochure!

The brochure serves as a seasonal companion to the annual Kenosha Area Visitors Guide. Events, seasonal activities, attractions, shops, recreation opportunities, restaurants, landmarks, and more are featured. When you’re looking for fun on a budget, this list is ideal. Whether planning your family’s vacation, a couple’s getaway, a birthday party, or senior outings, the list comes in handy.

I hope you enjoy this edition of FUN 101. I spearhead the project, which means I pick what items are ultimately listed and in what order. For the most part, the events are listed in chronological order with other activities mixed in. I made two exceptions this year for very special reasons:

The Kenosha Homecoming Car Show welcomes home AMC, Nash, and other Kenosha-manufactured cars. The Kenosha History Center organizes the week of events, July 21-26, 2020. The car show is on July 25; it’s free for spectators. It’s believed that there is no larger AMC show in the world. Close to 1,000 cars were on display in 2017, when the show was last held. Our office has been fielding numerous calls about this event; it’s going to bring a lot of visitors to our community. In fact, the car show was the reasoning behind our 2020 Kenosha Area Visitors Guide cover. So, this event is listed first.

Listed second is the Kenosha County Fair, which happens August 19-23, 2020. Did I mention the fair is celebrating 100 years?! It’s one of my favorite events to go to each summer so I can’t wait for the Centennial Celebration to take place! Did you know that anyone can enter to exhibit something? The exhibitors must be the owner of and the individual who grew, built, created, or raised the exhibit you want to enter. Exhibits include flowers, plants, arts and crafts, photography, foods, knitting and crocheting, home furnishings, quilting, and much more.

It’s been 10 years since that first FUN 101 list!! It still serves a purpose – and now even has a following. There are items on our list today that didn’t even exist 10 years ago – such as Kenosha Kingfish baseball games, Kenosha Craft Beer Week, and The Crow’s Nest rooftop bar at The Stella Hotel & Ballroom. FUN 101 captures a moment in time in our community!

You can view the Spring/Summer 2020 FUN 101 list here. How many items do you plan to experience between now and the end of September?

Meridith Jumisko

Public Relations Director, Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

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