Kenosha Kids' Cuisine

2/10/2020 - Hannah Wallisch

Kenosha Kids' Cuisine

Kenosha boasts many restaurants that are kid-friendly, including a few you might not expect...

Unexpectedly Kid Friendly

The first surprise at Kenosha Brewing Company is that it offers a full restaurant menu, which craft breweries don’t always have. The next surprise is that it’s very family friendly. Kenosha Brewing Company offers the usual kids’ menu suspects - hot dog, grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatballs - along with some of their adult menu specialties: boneless wings and fish fry. Most of the kids’ meals are served with fruit, carrots and celery, or fries. If none of these options appeals to your kid, the menu even notes that you can request something else and the restaurant will do its best to prepare it. Best of all, kids eat free on Saturdays. Win!

When my five year old and I visited on a recent Saturday night, KBC was filled with people at the bar watching sports, families eating dinner, and a party in the side banquet room. Despite all the activity, it didn’t feel overly loud or crowded. It felt relaxed and accepting of some kid noise and fidgety behavior. (THANK YOU.) My son ordered the kids’ spaghetti, hold the meatball. He has a hearty appetite, so I sometimes worry that a kids’ menu order won’t be enough food. The KBC kids’ order did not disappoint. Between the generous portion of spaghetti and many pieces of garlic bread, he had plenty to eat and leftovers besides. While he ate, I enjoyed the mushroom melt (from the grown-up menu) and one of Kenosha Brewing Company’s craft beers brewed onsite (also from the grown-up menu). With such a great experience and delicious options for kids and grown-ups, we’ll be back!

Next on our list to try is Ashling on the Lough, Kenosha’s traditional Irish pub and restaurant located downtown near the marina. The kids’ menu also aims for a traditional experience - no pizza or hamburgers here! Ashling’s kids’ menu has pot roast, meatloaf, corned beef, Reuben bites, fish and chips, and chicken Shannon - which you can call chicken tenders if that’s more convincing for your kid. If your kid’s preferred food group is cheese, the kids’ menu also has an Irish quesadilla, and grilled cheese with a cup of soup. With all of these options, they can either try something new or stick to a known favorite. How about some entertainment with your meal? Ashling regularly hosts live Irish music and even Irish dancers.

La Fogata Mexican Grill offers a fairly large Kids Menu. In addition to some basic offerings like a hamburger and chicken strips, they have slightly smaller portions of their house staples. Some of the featured items are Cheese Quesadillas, Tostadas, and Tacos. All kids meals include rice and beans, or French fries, and a choice of a small beverage. The menu itself is a coloring and activity sheet and the restaurant is prepared with crayons as a bonus. 

Faithful Kid Favorites

A brewpub and Irish dancing didn’t win over your kids? Never fear, these local spots are tried and true favorites for kids. 

Choo-Choo Charlie’s Shriner Diner: If your kids are train lovers, this is the place to be. Located at the Kenosha Metra Station, you can watch the Metra trains come and go, and model trains around the inside of the restaurant deliver your food. Choo-Choo Charlie, their train engineer dog mascot, also makes regular appearances.

Trolley Dogs: Continuing the transportation theme, Trolley Dogs in downtown Kenosha has a model trolley on tracks around the restaurant. The kids’ menu is sure to please: a regular hot dog, octo dog, or corn dog with chips or fries. (Does any kid NOT like corn dogs?)

Bristol 45 Diner: Head to Bristol in western Kenosha County for a retro diner experience. They’re filled with 1950s decor and serve breakfast all day. In the summer, check out Bristol 45 Diner’s “cruise nights” with classic cars and music. 

Jack’s Cafe: Jack’s Cafe is a cozy historic soda fountain located inside the Jack Andrea store. Kids love sitting at the counter and watching the staff make shakes, malts, and old fashioned sodas. Their breakfast and lunch menus are both grown-up friendly (fresh and sophisticated) and kid friendly (classy PB&J). 

There are plenty of great dining options for families in search of great eats. If you want a hot dog and fries, great. If you want something a little more sophisticated, go for it - Kenosha eateries are ready and waiting for you with their kid-friendly menus. 

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Hannah Wallisch

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