Dining Tips from a 6-Year-Old

2/20/2020 - Brandi Baker

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Blake's Favorite Kenosha Dining Options

Hi everyone, Blake here! One of my absolute favorite things about my hometown, Kenosha, is all the wonderful restaurants! Whether it’s a fancy mom-and-me date, a burger and fries dinner on the fly, or my favorite – family pizza night, there are just so many choices! As hard as it was to narrow it down, I’m going to share my very favorite spots to go with my family.

Let’s start with my favorite Pizza! Kenosha has a lot of great pizza places, so it seems almost impossible to pick just one place as the top choice. However, I have to go with an old Kenosha tradition, Villa D’Carlo. This place has been around forever... it’s even older than my mom! It was actually one of the first pizzerias in town. I love that they always fill the dining room with the best decorations that change with each holiday. The tables are covered with butcher paper and crayons are available, so it feels like time flies while my delicious cheese pizza is cooking. I can’t talk about pizza without a shout out to my very close second favorite, Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub. I also enjoy the Mozzarella Sticks at Kaiser's!

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on a dress, a pair of fancy shoes and treat herself. Since I’m only 6, I can’t very well take myself, so that’s when family date nights happen! Whether I’m going with my mom, dad, or if I’m really lucky we all go, I have a couple go-to places. House of Gerhard is definitely one of my top picks. I love stepping into the dining room and first laying eyes on the adorable décor. My parents love the house appetizers that are served to every table (relish trays), and I love the bread and muffins (which are made at the restaurant daily). I always share a steak and potato with my mom and usually get a side of veggies. Sometimes I’ll even splurge and get a little ice cream for dessert. Of course my favorite part is the treasure chest filled with toys and books for kids on the way out of the restaurant! 

Now if I’m just looking for a fun place to eat, it has to be Choo Choo Charlie’s Shriner Diner. Food delivered on a train car? It doesn’t get better than that! I can’t go wrong with a hot dog or burger with fries. I love washing it down with a delicious grape soda! My mom really likes their new cheesesteaks. I love all the trains and decorations – did I mention it’s located at a real train station? As a bonus, on the way out kids get to pull the train horn, too, which is so fun!

Sometimes we don’t go out for a meal, we just go out for a treat. I think I have mentioned it before, but this is my favorite place, because it is the best place to get dessert in my opinion. My mom and I both love Sandy’s Popper! While I’m picking out what flavor ice cream I’m going to try that day, my mom is picking out some popcorn for later. I love how cute the shop is, and I always try playing a little song on the piano. 

So who’s  hungry? I know I am! With so many wonderful restaurants in Kenosha, you’re never too far from a delicious bite!

Brandi Baker Community Blogger

Brandi Baker

Community Blogger

Downtown Kenosha Resident. Mom to Blake. We love exploring restaurants, theater and music venues, museums, and special events in our hometown.