Keep the Flavors - Hold the Carbs


Dine out in Kenosha, WI with these low carb options
Dine out in Kenosha, WI with these low carb options
Dine out in Kenosha, WI with these low carb options
Dine out in Kenosha, WI with these low carb options

I was just married in August, and for a year leading up to our wedding day I really focused on cutting out as many carbs as I could to feel great in my dress! I know, there are a TON of varying opinions on all of the different dieting methods out there… but cutting carbs just worked for me. It took some trial and error, but I quickly learned how to still have date nights with my husband and dinners with friends and family all while keeping my conscience clear. With holidays around the corner, or if you are visiting the Kenosha Area on a vacation – it’s easy to forget about your weight management goals. I won’t claim that these suggestions are no carb, but more like low carb options so that you can continue to live your life without a huge splurge every time you want to be social or enjoy a delicious meal!


Pizza is a lifestyle. The thought of giving up ordering delivery on lazy Sundays was a little depressing.. so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub added a gluten free cauliflower crust pizza to their menu! I’m not a dairy person either, so my go-to order is BBQ chicken- hold the cheese, add pineapple. But with it being build-your-own you can go crazy and add whatever toppings you’d like! You will not believe how crispy this crust gets for being made out of cauliflower, I was so impressed! Tuscany Bistro also offers a cauliflower crust option for their pizzas. 


Lettuce is what most people think of when they hear low carb. What they sometimes don’t realize is that salads don’t have to be boring! Usually if I’m looking for something light I seek out some sort of seafood salad and if I’m in the mood for something a little more comforting I gravitate towards one with red meat. Wine Knot and Kaisers both have great steak salads on their menus. Slip 56 Bar & Galley has a salmon salad for those nights that you don’t want to feel bogged down. Tuscany serves a Tuna Salad Andriatica which is *in my opinion* the perfect dinner amount. The ahi tuna steak isn’t too heavy, but also definitely won’t leave you hungry, and kalamata olives and capers give it a ton of flavor. Last but certainly not least, a really fun take on a “salad” is the Captain Mike’s Burger Bowl! It’s a build-your-own burger with any topping you could think of, but instead of sitting between a bun, it’s served over a bed of greens. So you can have your bacon and eat it too (without extra time at the gym!).

Mexican Food

A great way to get your Taco Tuesday fix without all of the carbs is by ordering fajitas without the tortillas. I also will swap out the side plate of rice, beans and sour cream for lettuce, tomato and guacamole. Let’s be real, the fajita portions are typically HUGE anyways, so even without all of those extras you’ll still be left feeling more than satisfied. You can order this at either La Fogata or Iguana Wana. La Fogata also has a golf shrimp salad that is really tasty and pretty light… in case you decide you want to use some of those extra calories on a Killer Margarita! Iguana Wana offers a Skinny Girl Margartia - coming in at just 110 calories!


Chicken Wings are a great way to still feel like you’re getting a bit of a “cheat” without going overboard. Pair it with a healthier side option and it’s the perfect combo!

A few of my favorite places to order wings are Kaiser’s (BBQ sauce and a dinner salad with honey mustard on the side), Waterfront Warehouse (Thai Sweet Chili sauce with seasonal vegetable on the side), or tg’s Restaurant & Pub (Buffalo Sauce with house salad on the side). Century Pub has also been reported to have great wings at a great price!

See, that wasn’t so hard! It’s not impossible to eat out and stick to your guns. Not saying all of these options are totally “clean” or necessarily healthier than what you would cook at home… but we all have to treat ourselves a little, right?! If you’re looking to cut down your carb intake, give one of these a try! You won’t regret it.. during OR after the meal.