Try Pie Before You Buy This Thanksgiving

10/30/2019 - Megan Jankiewicz

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Pie Tasting at Elsie Mae's in Kenosha WI
Pie Tasting at Elsie Mae's in Kenosha WI
Pie Tasting at Elsie Mae's in Kenosha WI

The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier all the time. And while there is much debate about when to start listening to holiday music, if your job is bringing desserts, there is no such thing as too early to start trying out the holiday season’s best dessert: PIE. 

Luckily, Elsie Mae’s Cannery and Bakery has just the thing for every holiday event. Recently, my daughter and I took a mini-adventure to check out what this venue offers. After looking at everything in the warm and homey shop, we settled on two mini pies for our dessert: Raspberry-Peach and S’more. Lucky for us, there are only four people in our family, so we each got one quarter of each of the mini-pies. The idea was to rate what we thought was best and report back, but the reality was that each pie was amazing, pleasing both adults and children alike. The Raspberry-Peach was tart and sweet with a crumbly, buttery, delicious crust. There may have been a small argument over who got to have the dinosaur pie crust cut-out from the top of the pie. In the end there were smiles all around. The S’more pie was rich and chocolatey, with the right balance of ingredients to compete with the best campfire creation. I have a feeling that with these two pies, an Elsie Mae’s obsession has been started in my house. There tons of pie flavors, not to mention jams and pot pies to try out as well. 

If you haven’t done an at-home taste-testing like we did, don’t worry. To help you decide what pies will be your holiday obsession, Elsie Mae’s offers a Thanksgiving Pie tasting event on Saturday, November 9th. You can try the Thanksgiving Pies at The Stella Hotel & Ballroom or at the shop. Make sure you reserve your spot at one of the events early, as they fill up fast. Preorder your pies and you’ll be the hostess with the mostest or the guest with the best offering at the door!

Community Blogger Megan Jankiewicz

Megan Jankiewicz

Community Blogger

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