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10/1/2019 - Hannah Wallisch

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101 Things to see and do for $10 or less in Kenosha, WI
101 Things to see and do for $10 or less in Kenosha, WI

It’s officially fall, and you know what that means: the fall 2019/winter 2020 edition of FUN 101 is here! Visit Kenosha’s FUN 101 is a guide to 101 things to see and do in the Kenosha area for $10 and under - including many free activities. 

There are plenty of ideas for people of all ages and interests, but I love to use this list for family activities. Especially in the winter, it can get tough to keep kids (and parents) entertained. And the free or inexpensive options mean I won’t feel bad if an activity isn’t a hit with everyone in the family. Here are a few FUN 101 items that caught my eye...

Getting Around

Got a kid who loves trains, bikes, and other modes of transportation? The journey is an activity in itself.

  • #10: Ride an authentic Electric Streetcar to restaurants, shops, museums, historic districts, and more. $1 & under
  • #20: There are more than 130 miles of bike trails to explore in Kenosha County, including the Kenosha County Bike trail and Pike Bike Trail. FREE
  • #97: Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you take the Metra train from Chicago to Kenosha. $10 Weekend Pass (unlimited rides on Saturday and Sunday).

Instagram Worthy

FUN 101 has at least 101 photo ops. Let your kid play photographer and see what they capture. 

  • #30: Take a selfie with your favorite art mural in Kenosha. FREE
  • #59: Pick up your “I Heart Kenosha” frame - that’s now a magnet - and take photos of your Kenosha favorites! Use our hashtag #KenoshaFun to share! FREE
  • #67: Take a picture with the “Welcome to Wisconsin” sign at the I-94 Visitor Information Center. FREE
  • #99: Take a pic of one of Kenosha’s most recognized landmarks: the North Pier Lighthouse, home to the Kenosha Lighthouse Studio. FREE

Sweet Tooth

If you’re a “no sugar” parent, more power to you. If not... how about a sweet treat?

  • #27: Enjoy Mama P’s Ho Ho Cakes from Lou Perrine’s. The delicious chocolate cakes come in a variety of flavors. $3 per piece or 2 for $5
  • #35: A fun confectionery journey awaits you at Jelly Belly Visitor Center – with interactive exhibits and games, an indoor train tour, and candy samples. FREE
  • #62: Did you know that Sandy’s Popper features not only popcorn and ice cream, but also novelty and nostalgic candy? Prices vary

Bundle Up

Get out of the house and burn off some extra energy (or the sugar high) with these outdoor activities.

  • #15: Bring your pooch to play at one of four off-leash dog parks. FREE to $5 depending on park
  • #50: This winter, enjoy the outdoor ice rink at Veterans Memorial Park. FREE to skate, FREE skates to check-out or bring your own
  • #71: Rent snowshoes at Pringle Nature Center for a fun outing through Bristol Woods. $5 per pair

What’s New?

Already checked off the familiar favorites on the FUN 101 list? Check out what’s new in Kenosha!

  • #3: See new art! The Sculpture Walk runs along the harbor and features a dozen works of art that were just added in September. FREE
  • #9: Visit the indoor Kenosha Winter HarborMarket on Saturdays starting Oct 19. There’s a new location: Kenosha Masonic Center, 115 56th Street. FREE admission
  • #63: Stay warm with a specialty coffee beverage from the new Cafe at The Stella Hotel & Ballroom. Prices vary

Thanks, FUN 101, for making me look like a fun and creative parent! You too can be a cool parent, grandparent, big sibling, goofy uncle, whatever you choose. 

Explore the whole list, then get out there and have some fun! 

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Hannah Wallisch

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