Introducing: Kenosha Creative Space

9/30/2019 - Autumn Rose DeCesaro

Kenosha Creative Space offers an event venue, art gallery, performance space, and more

Before walking into the Kenosha Creative Space you’ll be stopped in your tracks by the mesmerizing sidewalk art that surrounds the front of the building. The tables and chairs that line the entrance were painted by members of the community, which makes the Space so visionary.  When you walk inside it’s a clean, spacious, and comfortable environment to bring your best friend or a group of your friends, to relax and appreciate the beautiful art. The front wall of the building is covered with windows, allowing the natural sunlight to hit the Space, making it a vibrant and mellow place to chill. 

Every Thursday Kenosha Creative Space hosts “Creative @ the Space” from 5pm-10pm, that invites  the community to relish in an inspirational environment, and the possibilities are endless. You’ll catch musicians from all over the Kenosha area come with their instruments and jam out with one another. The Creative Space has canvases, furniture, and paint for all guests to enjoy and get imaginative. While you’re admiring the art outside and chatting up with creative minds, you’ll be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, because the Space has an outdoor extension. Drinks, community, and imagination are waiting for you down at The Space! 

Francisco Loyola, the man behind the Space, is dedicated to providing a place for all ages to collaborate and create in an inspirational setting. Francisco has a passion for getting kids and young adults involved with art and the community. He is a friendly, open minded, and overall happy guy who devotes his time to help rebuild the arts in Kenosha. 

The Kenosha Creative Space is a volunteer and non-profit organization and donations to the Space are always welcome to help further the arts in downtown Kenosha. 

Check out this stellar place for yourself with these upcoming events:

Student Spotlight at the Space: October 5, 2019 and November 9th, 2019

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration: Saturday November 2nd, 2019

Autumn Rose DeCesaro

Autumn Rose DeCesaro

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