Fun with Fido - A Guide to Treks and Treats with your Fur Friend

9/29/2019 - Beth Dugan

Kenosha County has some great dog walks, most with both human and dog treats at the end.  Check out some of the best places to wander with man’s closest friend.  Remember to keep your dog on their leash, and please pick up after them.  Lets keep Kenosha beautiful.

Petrifying Springs

This park has a 2.25 paved loop walk around the perimeter of the park.  It follows the Pike River, then up a hill to the golf course club house.  Then, wander through the woods, and back down the hill next to the golf course.  This is an enjoyable walk with plenty of rest rooms, trash cans, and side hiking paths to explore.  Unless there are events, there is plenty of parking and you can treat your dog to fresh mineral water from the spring.  Enjoy people and bird watching while strolling, and check out the river as it makes it way through the park area.

Dog treat – After the walk check out the Carlisle Dog Park.  For a small fee, you can let your dog off leash to frolic within the fenced area.  Dogs can interact with each other, chase toys brought from home and enjoy meeting new canine friends.

Human treat – after the walk and the dog park visit, cross the street to the Biergarten.  Enjoy a beer while your dog enjoys a bowl of water from the spring house at your feet.

Prairie Springs Park and Lake Andrea

Located off of Hwy 165 and H, this park has a 2.4 mile trail that goes around Lake Andrea.  This is a flat paved path with benches and trash cans every few feet.  There is plenty of parking on all sides of the path making it one of the easiest to get out and go.  Rest rooms are available along with a water bowl for your dog at the Beach Pavilion.  Attached to the main path are a couple of unpaved hiking paths that either go into a farm field and wild meadow or an older path that goes through an old forest grove at the headwaters of the Des Plaines River.  Enjoy the stroll.

Dog treat – On the Northeast side of the park, near the entrance by Lakeview Technology Academy and boat launch is a free dog beach.  Dogs and their human companions can cool off by running into the water.  Bring your ball, frisbee, and other water toys for your dog’s enjoyment.

Human treat – after you get your dog dried off and back into the car, stop by the near by Culvers for a dessert.  Bonus, they have a drive through so you don’t have to change to get it.

Bristol Woods Park

Located in Bristol, this park has 4.28 miles of unpaved hiking paths through minimally managed woods.  This park shows what this area would look like when it was first settled and farmed.  Enjoy wandering through the woods and fields.  There are rest rooms in the Pringle Nature Center along with trash cans adjacent to the parking lots.  This park is filled with wild life for both of you to appreciate.

Dog Treat – after visiting the park, visit another of the county off leash parks just up the road at Old Settlers Park.  Let your dog run around while you get to enjoy the view of Paddock Lake.

Human Treat – Bring your dog home and then come back to Bristol Woods to Boundless Adventure and run the rope courses.  Enjoying swinging from rope element to rope element as you move up in difficulty in the courses.

HarborPark Sculpture Walk in Downtown Kenosha

Starting at the Kemper Center, all the way up to Carthage College, is a nine mile paved multi-purpose trail.  The northern portion is the Pike Bike Trail, from Common Grounds it winds south by the Sculpture walk along the harbor. The path then winds south around the marina, Wolfenbüttel Park, and then to the Kemper Center.  This path has a variety of things to see, from Lake Michigan to yachts to beautiful mansions.  There is plenty of parking downtown and rest rooms are available in the city parks. 

Dog treat – After the walk, stop by K-9 Kibble on Sheridan Road.  Treat your dog to some local sourced dog food and dog treats.  And if you need one, a new leash or some awesome toys.  You can even use their dog wash station to get Fido cleaned up.

Human treat – Once your dog is clean and ready to go, stop by Robin Nest Cakery and get some cupcakes. Or if you are a fan of pies, then try out Elsie Mae Pies. Or grab some ice cream from Scoops- they sell dog treats as well. Or wander down to Sandy’s Popper to get some popcorn.  

Community Blogger Beth Dugan

Beth Dugan

Community Blogger

Hospitality Educator and writer.  Married mom of three adults and Jack the Dog.  Bike trail explorer, reader, and needlepoint fanatic.