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8/26/2019 - Lisa Pugh

Vegetarian Dining Kenosha

Kenosha has some seriously amazing dining options! There are so many amazing places to choose from and you have a LOT of variety within those choices. But what about when your friend loves a place for their burgers and you are vegetarian. You probably don't have to skip that dinner date! I went to some of my friends' favorite places and found vegetarian and vegan options at each one! And I'm not just talking about ordering a plate of pickles and fries! 

Our first stop was Waterfront Warehouse. The waitress offered a few suggestions that included salads, a quinoa bowl (yum!) and a veggie burger. I opted for the veggie burger since my friends ordered burgers for themselves. It was delicious! I upgraded to the curly fries and asked for no mayo for a vegan version. 

Next stop was Iguana Wana and this is one of my favorite places because of the atmosphere. They are very accommodating and willing to alter your dish to fit a vegan diet. They have a vegan rice and bean side dish option too! I ordered a veggie fajita and it came with lots of veggies and some flour tortillas. It was piping hot and I had the side of vegan rice and beans to go with it. Pair it with a cold margarita for a perfect meal!

Pizza Night with your friends? You can still join in! There are a lot of delicious pizza places to choose from in Kenosha, but I went to Kaiser's Pizza & Pub and ordered my vegetarian, cheese-less, meatless, veggie-covered pizza! I asked for sauce, peppers, onions and tomatoes on it and even my cheesy, meaty pizza-loving friends tried it and enjoyed it! We also ordered some deep friend green beans as an appetizer and I would suggest you do the same! 

Soon's Sushi Café is my other go-to for a lighter, delicious, veggie lunch option. A few of the veggie options are the vegetable roll, asparagus roll, avocado and cucumber roll (my personal favorite!) and the cucumber roll. Watch for their grand re-opening soon!

The Daily Dose Cafe is another restaurant that offers a plant-based menu worth exploring. They feature organic and fair trade items, as well as large variety of vegan and vegetarian options on their menu. They even have icons on their menu to let you know if their menu items contain honey or nuts for dietary or allergy purposes. 

Non-vegetarians would also enjoy each of these alternative options. These restaurants did a great job keeping the fun and flavor while offering alternative options for meat and dairy. Next time you feel like you have to choose between your lifestyle or your friends, remember that you can have both and it is easier than it seems! I've had nothing but support from these restaurants when I ask about their alternative options, so don't be afraid to reach out and try some new foods while you're out with family or friends. There are several other local restaurants that offer vegetarian or vegan options, or that will work with you to create a dish that meets your dietary needs! Just call ahead or ask your server when you arrive. 

Check out the Kenosha Area Visitors Guide for suggestions on some of Kenosha's best places to dine! 


Community Blogger Lisa Pugh

Lisa Pugh

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