Trails to Travel in Kenosha, WI

8/16/2019 - Denise Bernacki

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Explore parks and trails in Kenosha, WI
Explore parks and trails in Kenosha, WI
Explore parks and trails in Kenosha, WI
Explore parks and trails in Kenosha, WI

So here you are, you’ve traveled to Kenosha.  You’ve shopped, you’ve dropped.  You ate, you drank.  You’ve visited the museums, you rode the streetcar and now you are ready for something new, something undiscovered…the road less travelled.  You are ready for Trail Travels.  So strap on your hiking boots, hop on your bike or get running because the Kenosha trails are begging to be trekked.

Some trails are happy ones, others are blue…but still happy!

And when I say blue, I mean the blue gleam that comes from the lake of course!  There are five trails on Lake Michigan and one on Silver Lake.  If you are in the city for the day, then make your way to Alford Park.  Alford is all about its blue skies and its long beach side trail.  There’s 57 acres here that you are free to roam and even has a shelter on site for your next get-together!  Eichelman Park is probably my favorite place to go walking because it has everything.  This place is “happening” on a sunny day.  It’s on 11 acres and even has a playground on site which my four-year old guy, Dominic, loves.  Enjoy the lake, the breeze, the flowers and you may even get splashed by a wave, which again Dominic loves.  Pennoyer Park, otherwise known as the place with the huge Sesquincentennial Bandshell, has plenty of pretty trees to gaze at while you stroll on 39 acres.  Peer at the lake and watch the geese and seagulls fly around the beach as you try to keep up with Dominic as he tries to catch a butterfly.  Sorry, I got carried away!  And yes, there is a playground here too so your little one can burn off some energy - make sure to save some time for pickleball!  Simmons Island Park is our favorite place to go as a family.  In the summer if we are not at home, you can usually find us here.  While we normally go to enjoy the beach, I enjoy walking the trail too.  This park is on 28 acres and is splendid for those who don’t mind some sand in their steps.  This trail offers a striking view of the beach, the lake, the North Pier Lighthouse and the harbor - it simply has it all!  Southport Park and Beach House is on 24 acres and should be a Trail Traveler’s top destination because it offers a place to leave your footprint, or tire-tread, on the grounds of the home of a historic landmark.  The trail is right along the lake and crosses with a path of history at the Beach House.  It is a building from 1940 that was inspired by Tudor and Mediterranean Revival architecture and was built using repurposed building materials from condemned buildings.  Truly something to be seen!  Dominic likes this place too because…you guessed it…there’s a playground!  And be prepared to get the sand between your toes because this place has it, and a radiant display of rocks, big and small, just begging to be climbed on or thrown back into the lake.  

Finally, if you are looking for something blue outside of the city, travel to Silver Lake Park in Kenosha County.  There is an entry fee between Memorial Day and Labor Day but it is worth it because here you will find 260 acres to explore; after all, it’s the way you ride the trail that counts.  The kiddos will enjoy the playground and there’s even spots to play soccer and volleyball.

Who cares about the clouds when you’re on a trail?  Just sing a song, and bring the sunny weather, because trails are the happiest places to be!

Let’s circle back to the city.  Anderson Park has a nice, long sidewalk trail and 91 acres to trek if you want to stray off the trail.  This is a great place to go if you are not in the mood for getting your feet dirty.  Just a nice, straight-forward walk/run/bike - no obstacles here!  There is a little blue too via the pond and you can even do a little fishing.  And on those really hot days, there’s even a pool and splash pad, so you can cool off after your trail adventure.  Kids will enjoy the playground and you can even check out the baseball and soccer fields.  You could truly spend the whole day here!  Civic Center Park is right in front of the Dinosaur Discovery Museum and is relatively small with only 1.2 acres.  It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the downtown sites, watch the trolley pass by and get a little exercise in.  Plenty of benches to take a load off as well.  HarborPark is right in front of the Kenosha Public Museum and the Civil War Museum - the perfect compliment to your museum visits.  On 69 acres, stroll or bike along the paved trail path and enjoy views of the harbor, wonderfully manicured flower beds and the lake breeze.  Very nice, peaceful and relaxing.  Library Park encompasses Dominic’s favorite library, the Kenosha Public Library Simmons location, otherwise known to him as “The Twisty Stairs”.  There’s 5.5 acres here in all of its twisty-trail goodness.  You’ll even make a friend along the way; Abraham Lincoln is known to hang out here rather frequently.  Poerio Park & Nature Center is on 70 acres complete with a playground, shelters, baseball and softball fields - and of course a walking and biking trail in the wooded nature area.  You can also fish here at the north pond.  

Other happy trails can be found in Kenosha County as well.  Brighton Dale Park boasts 500 acres and features shelters, a playground, fishing, disc golf, baseball fields a golf course.  This walking/biking trail is in Kansasville, but don’t be intimidated by that…just click your heels and you’ll be back in the City of Kenosha before you know it.  Bristol Woods Park - Pringle Nature Center, on 200 acres, is a spot that Dominic and I can be found at pretty frequently.  Whether its to walk the trail, visit the playground or to attend a Nature Story Time, it is always fun to see the flowers blooming and to hear the birds singing.  We enjoy going here in the wintertime too - don’t forget your boots!  We act like investigators and see if we can identify the different animal footprints in the snow.  Fox River Park in Salem Lakes lies on 150 acres and offers fishing, baseball, tennis, volleyball, disc golf and pickleball.  Hike the trails, ride your bike or play at the playground and then set up camp at a shelter and make a day out of it!  KD Park in Burlington is on 235 acres and has plenty of walking and biking trails for you to discover, 4.2 miles to be exact.  Bring your dog along too!  They must be leashed on the trail but there is an off-leash dog park nearby for them to sniff out.  And don’t forget your fishing pole!  Kemper Center County Park is a very unique spot in Kenosha.  On 17.5 acres, enjoy walking around the Kemper Center - you will find a bit of blue here too via the Lake Michigan shoreline.  This beautiful park has an athletic field, a path for walking and biking and an arboretum.  With so much to see and learn from this 1861 building, roam around and see what you can find while you get your steps in.  Finally, Petrifying Springs Park is a local favorite for good reasons.  This park spans 350 acres and features a stream great for fishing, many shelters, a couple playgrounds, a golf course, spaces for softball and volleyball and of course challenging walking  and biking trails - watch out for the bikers if you are walking…they seem to pop out of nowhere!  And wear some hiking boots or shoes you don’t mind getting dirty because it could get muddy.  There are so many different paths, you really feel like you are treading unmarked territory.  Truly my favorite place to go trailing! 

On your next trip to Kenosha, make it a point to take a self-guided ride on some trails whether they be made out of dirt, pavement or sand and see the blue waters and skies, whether there’s fluffy clouds up there or not, from a different view. Happy trails to you, until we meet again…keep smiling and walking until then!

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