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7/13/2019 - Sarah Freeborn

Outdoor Dining in Kenosha, WI
Outdoor Dining in Kenosha, WI

When it comes to outdoor eating, Kenosha has it all!

Imagine the perfect summer day, the skies are blue, big poufy clouds are in the sky; it is warm with a light breeze. You wake up and decide you want to spend your entire day outside. By heading to Kenosha you’ll get to do just that.

There are a myriad of great breakfast places in town, but for an outdoor breakfast you can’t beat The Coffee Pot. Their outdoor patio is one of the best with its beautiful tropical plants and flowers, and the outdoor bar serving up the perfect Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. You also can’t beat their toast. They make their bread fresh daily and when it comes toasted with butter it’s like a little taste of heaven. If you’re looking for the best vegetarian options in town, The Daily Dose Cafe can’t be missed. They serve a full breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a complete vegetarian menu. All served on their outdoor bistro tables.

When it comes to lunch, the options are endless. Kenosha has two drive-in burger joints and you would be hard pressed to find a local who didn’t have a strong feeling about which is the best. Try them both for yourself and see what you think. The Spot Drive-In is on the city’s southside and serves up a killer bacon cheeseburger. On a similar note, Big Star Drive-In serves up some of the best fried cheese curds around. Both specialize in burgers, all sorts of fried foods (fries, cheese, mushrooms, jalapenos poppers, etc.), and both are also known for making their own brand of root beer. Both offer delicious root beer, too - the perfect sweet and refreshing beverage of summer.

If you’d prefer not to eat in your car, Captain Mike’s Beer & Burger Bar offers outdoor seating and some of the most unique food combos around. If you’re looking to try some adventurous burgers, this is your place. Burger toppings include mac and cheese, pineapple, roasted red peppers and jalapenos, prosciutto and brie, and don’t even get me started on the stuffed options. Slip 56 is also a great option for an outdoor meal. Their hot beef sandwiches are delicious, and whatever you get be sure to order the sweet potato fries. They are not only perfectly salted, but they are waffle sweet potato fries! If you’re looking for that classic Wisconsin brat, head over to Tenuta’s Delicatessen where the grills are hot all summer long cooking up brats and Italian sausages. Pair with a Sprecher Root Beer for that perfect Wisconsin combo.

As for dinner, why not break up the meal by starting at Sazzy B or Wine Knot for drinks and appetizers. Sazzy B serves some of the most original drinks and apps, and you can’t beat Wine Knot’s wine list. From there you could stop for your main meal at a number of places. Kaiser's Pizza & Pub offers some of the best thin crust pizza (try the sausage), Ashling on the Lough serves up delicious Irish fare, Villa d’Carlo is your classic Italian restaurant that also has décor that changes seasonally, Boat House Pub & Eatery is where you will be able to get your seafood fix, Mike’s Sportsbook & Meat Bar serves up all the delicious meats and drinks (don’t miss half priced steaks and live music on Sunday evenings!), and tg’s Restaurant & Pub is where you can try a famous hot beef sandwich.

End your day of eating through Kenosha at the Petrifying Springs Biergarten. It’s so much fun to sit at the picnic tables with your pint of beer, sharing a Wisconsin Pretzel Board and listen to the music du jour. You’ll always make a new friend or two at the Beirgarten, and don’t be afraid to get up and dance if the music moves you.

There are a lot of great, locally owned dining options here. Whether you are looking to spend an entire day dining outdoors, or just wanting to grab a quick bite in the sunshine, Kenosha is the place to be!

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