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7/25/2019 - Autumn Rose DeCesaro

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Kenosha Fusion is a non-profit performing arts venue in Downtown Kenosha that inspires local artists through music, standup, art shows, open mic nights-with a classic favorite "Tipsy Tuesday" with Kai Anderson, and live performances. On a Saturday night at Fusion, when live performances are being held, there are people chatting at the bar while enjoying an evening beer or mixed drink. The bar is located at the front of the venue with a variety of hard liquors/mixers as well as bottled beers. Looking around you'll find the crowd sitting, mingling with friends and acquaintances near the main stage trying to make personal and professional connections.

During my night out at Fusion there was a special live music event going on, and I got to see what local art this extraordinary venue can bring. On the main stage I was up close and personal with singer/song writer Naiomi Marie, who has a unique voice to match her acoustic guitar playing. Then I got to shuffle my feet to Fire Cat, from Chicago Illinois, who came up to play with their crunchy base lines. After I jammed out and moved, I got to head bang a little and caught the band, EX-UNCLE, with their lyrical humor and a sound like the Sex Pistols. Fusion often has exclusive bands and artists from all over the region, as well as some national acts.

Out back there is an area with a small stage for entertainment that is a close and intimate setting. The trees that line the closed in fence drape over the wood to encompass an earthy and calming vibe. There are tables and chairs close together allowing the outside to have more than standing room. You can find poets, artists, and musicians from all genres of group/solo talents. Along with the vocal performers you'll find phenomenal local artists, like Brittany E Parshall, who I got to see showcase her extraordinary work on the outskirts of the backyard portion. Like Brittany, all the artists that showcase their work at Fusion are pleased to share their stories with eager fans.

Kenosha Fusion is about confidence and community; its goal is to spread happiness through all types of art. The cozy sensation every individual has, going there on a live night, is life changing. Whether you're into a chill vibe for open mic night or a wild musical ride you'll love hanging out at Fusion with your friends, as well as family. Follow their Facebook page for the latest events happening at the venue!

Not only can you catch talented artists at live performances at Fusion, you can rent out the upper floor to create your own magic. On the upper floor of the venue there are workspaces to rent for: music, painting, and graphic arts, as well as areas for meetings or lessons. Upstairs includes a shared washroom, electric, heat, and wireless Internet. You can contact Don Miller through their Facebook page if interested.

Autumn Rose DeCesaro

Autumn Rose DeCesaro

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