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Explore Kenosha, WI on your bike
Explore Kenosha, WI on your bike
Explore Kenosha, WI on your bike
Explore Kenosha, WI on your bike

Do you like to ride your bike?  Then you should visit Kenosha!  With more than 130 miles of dedicated bike paths and trails in Kenosha, you can enjoy scenic and historical views as part of your rides.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip!

Road Bike Trails

Kenosha has two primary road bike paths that run roughly parallel to Lake Michigan.  First is the Pike Bike Trail, a paved path with some on-road segments. It starts at Anderson Park (89th Street and 30th Avenue) and goes east to 7th Avenue, then north through historic residential areas and downtown Kenosha. It finishes with a lakeside spur to Carthage College.  This route leads to several great places to stop including the Buzz, and the Coffee Pot for refreshments.

The second bike path is the Kenosha County Bike Trail which has two segments.  The southern part shares a trailhead with the Pike Bike Trail at Anderson Park and then heads directly south for 3 ½ miles to the Illinois Border.  From there, it connects to the Robert McClory Bike Path, ends in Chicago. The northern segment of the Kenosha County Bike Trail starts at 35th Street and 28th Avenue and heads north to Racine County.  At the border, it connects to the Racine County Bike path and then eventually to Milwaukee.  A biker can connect with the Pike Bike path at either Poerio Park, a few blocks from Carthage, or by heading west on 35th Street just south of La Fogata restaurant. Be sure to stop in for a Margarita before continuing. Total miles between the Illinois to Racine borders using both paths is roughly 25 miles.

Check out the Kenosha County Bike Maps for street options and connector bike paths which go out in the county.  Several of the secondary roads including ML, Wilmot Road, 60th Street, and 38th Street have under or overpasses allowing cyclists to cross I-94. 

Mountain Bike Trails

Kenosha has two immersive mountain bike trails systems. The first is part of Petrifying Springs Park with a series of dedicated mountain bike paths and shared use trail paths.  These loop paths are great for mountain bike newbies and after a day of biking, stop off at the Petrifying Springs Biergarten for some refreshments. Silver Lake Park located near the intersection of Highway 50 and 83 has more than 10 miles of mountain bike trails with various levels of difficulty.  It hosts Fat Tire Winter Biking. When finished, stop by Bristol 45 diner for treats.

Washington Park Velodrome

Washington Park hosts the oldest operating velodrome in the United States.  It has a 333-meter track with 28-degree steep banked corners.  If race riding is on your bucket list, this is a great place to visit.  Check out their website for information on open race nights.  And enjoy a burger from Big Star Drive-In as you sit on the hill to watch the other races. 

Events like Food Folks & Spokes and the Ride Across Wisconsin also highlight the cycling culture in Southeastern Wisconsin. You can also rent a bike while you visit. There is plenty to enjoy in our area when you are traveling on two wheels. 

Community Blogger Beth Dugan

Beth Dugan

Community Blogger

Hospitality Educator and writer.  Married mom of three adults and Jack the Dog.  Bike trail explorer, reader, and needlepoint fanatic.