Rainy Days and Mondays

6/23/2019 - Brandi Baker

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Rainy Days and Mondays - solutions for fun in Kenosha WI
Rainy Days and Mondays - solutions for fun in Kenosha WI

Hi! I’m Blake. I’m five. Recently, on a family vacation we were stuck inside for a few days while it rained. We had no idea what to do! I want to make sure that anyone visiting Kenosha doesn’t get stuck with nothing to do on those rainy days that can happen in our hometown. My mom and I want to share with you our top four favorite downtown rainy day activities. 

Kenosha Public MuseumI love walking through the Wisconsin Story, it shows me how my hometown area was formed and changed. My favorite part is the Native American village. It’s so interesting to see how they lived. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky there, is a lady in the trading post and I can trade her for a penny. After the exhibit, I head straight to the field station. It’s full of toys and hands-on activities. I love playing with the puppets, looking at X-rays of different animals, and I always use the binoculars. My mom loves the museum too! She loves that it’s a free activity and that we can spend a few hours there together – rain or shine. Mom loves that she can also learn interesting facts about Wisconsin. She really likes heading upstairs to the other galleries to see the rotating exhibits or art shows, and the new permanent exhibit “From Curiosity to Science.”

The Civil War MuseumRight next door to the Kenosha Public Museum is the Civil War Museum. I love to walk through the Fiery Trial exhibit. If you stand close to the mannequins, they tell a story about what their lives were like in Wisconsin and during the war. I really like how it looks like a small town, before, during, and after the war. There is even a train that is full of people that you can sit next to and hear more of their stories.  However, my favorite part is upstairs in the library. Here you will find Civil War era toys and some activities to do, and you can even dress up in clothes that look like the ones people wore during the time of the Civil War. My mom loves that it only costs her a nominal fee for us to enjoy the entire museum and learn so much!

Electric Streetcar - On rainy days I always remember my umbrella so I can head straight outside and catch the streetcar. It runs along a two-mile track through the downtown area. It only costs my mom $1 for her and 50-cents for me to ride. It has great views of Lake Michigan, and I love seeing the artwork on Sculpture Walk when I’m not able to actually walk by the harbor. The lakefront trolley with rubber wheels also takes us on sight-setting adventures while staying nice and dry.

Dinosaur Discovery Museum - It might look small from the outside, but the Dinosaur Discovery Museum holds huge dinosaur fossils! I can spend a long time in their new interactive exhibit about Little Clint, a baby t-Rex. It tells the story about how he became a fossil. There is a dinosaur dig where I get to dress up in a real vest and goggles so I can pretend that I’m an actual paleontologist discovering and digging up dinosaur fossils. My mom loves that it’s all free for me to enjoy!

Some other rainy day activities worth mentioning are spending a few hours at Alpaca Art, a paint your own pottery studio. Small pieces are less than $10, and bigger ones can be as much as $70. There is $7 fee per painter to use all of their paint and supplies – so all the mess stays there. You do have to wait one week to pick up your pieces, so make sure to stop here first on your week long vacation to Kenosha. Otherwise they can mail your artwork to you. We also love the Jelly Belly Visitor Center. It is a great place for kids to enjoy some indoor fun, and parents like it too. Take a tour on their train to learn how jelly beans are made and make sure to stop in the store after the tour to get free samples. There are other interactive activities too. 

The Kenosha Area has so much to offer families, whether you’re visiting or just looking for new things to do in your hometown on a rainy day! My mom and I hope we helped you make the most of a day with not-so-great weather while you're vacationing here! Bonus, everything in our blog (with the exception of the Dinosaur Museum) is open on Mondays, too. So plan a long weekend and enjoy all our favorite things. 

Brandi Baker Community Blogger

Brandi Baker

Community Blogger

Downtown Kenosha Resident. Mom to Blake. We love exploring restaurants, theater and music venues, museums, and special events in our hometown.