Chalk on the Walk

6/6/2019 - Autumn Jones

Chalk on the Walk Kenosha WI
Chalk on the Walk Kenosha WI
Chalk on the Walk Kenosha WI

Our bright red lighthouse won’t be the only color you’ll see on the pier on Saturday, June 8th. The path leading up to the North Pier will be covered in beautiful drawings for the Chalk on the Walk event. From 1 to 4 p.m., artists of all ages are welcome to attend this free event to let their imaginations shine. 

The first 100 children under 12 will be given a swag bag of chalk. Participants are asked to bring their own chalk as last year goodie bags went fast! A team of volunteers will be stationed at the base of the pier to greet attendees. Volunteers will be scattered among the pier to encourage creativity and ensure safety. The safety team will have safety equipment stationed along the pier and the Coast Guard will be present.

Professional and novice artists alike will be creating pieces even before the event begins. Among those artists will be illustrator, Janette Louden. Louden’s most recent work includes illustrations for the books Smarty Locks and the Unforgettable Zoo and The Dog with No Name. She will have her work displayed inside the lighthouse for all to admire with some available for purchase. At the event in 2018, Louden created wonderfully interactive chalk pieces which also served as great photo ops for visitors. I can’t wait to see what she’ll create this year!

Heather McGee, the coordinator of the event, is especially excited to see art foster togetherness in the community..

“For children, a sense of community brings connection both to their surroundings and the individuals in those surroundings — further connecting them to their own unique place in the world. Our young people are important to building a strong community,” McGee explained.

Creating is the highest level of learning as it allows children to express themselves by producing and designing their own masterpiece. All participants can collaborate, work solo, or simply enjoy the view. This event gives us all an opportunity to enrich an already beautiful landmark in our city.

Remember to bring extra chalk and get ready to kick off outside summer activities! If you’d like a DIY option to try at home, sidewalk chalk is surprisingly easy to make. Get some plaster, fun molds, and follow these instructions.

Autumn Jones

Autumn Jones

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