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4/9/2019 - Taylor Thomas

Enjoy beer, tunes, and more at PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co.

Where can you go in Downtown Kenosha that has original art on the walls, original bands playing weekly, and an always evolving beer menu?  The answer, as I pleasantly discovered, is PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co. I recently spoke with Matt Geary, owner & founder, about why one should stop into this gathering place. Matt took a strong stance on no TV screens in the pub (nothing against a game elsewhere on a screen).  We have enough distractions, why not let conversation, great beer, art, and music lead the way?  Right now PUBLIC is ramping up for the summer with new beers every week leading into Kenosha Craft Beer Week, May 11 -  18, when all local beers are celebrated. The week of brewing festivities will end with a block party that really brings the community together.  Last year there were over 1500 people in attendance at this happening event!  Count me in!

You’re a picky eater? Guess what? Here at PUBLIC, you can order-in from any outside food vender! Whaaaaat the what??!  Yes, there are snacks available on site, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more gusto, feel free to order food elsewhere to your heart’s content and sit back and enjoy the tunes, atmosphere, and your beer’s originality.

It’s a diverse, inter-generational crowd that show appreciation for each other’s taste in beer and music here.  On Turntable Tuesdays, you can bring in your own vinyls to share with other music lovers. What’s also great about this venue, is they are not afraid to take risks on new bands.  Every week they book local and national bands that bring a real interesting fusion of sounds. I’ll be attending a night with Jeffrey Foucault and Erik Koskinen this week.  Foucault’s sound has been described as meditative, Americana, poetic, alluring, and a voice with grit.  Koskinen is described as a blend of American folk, country, rock-n-roll, and blues.  Really looking forward to kicking back with some friends for this sold-out event.

On April 12th, Babe-alon 5, which has a nostalgic Andrews sisters sound, with some raunchy cheekiness is paired up with Alex Poyner, a local pianist, who will be playing ragtime music.  Switching it up, The Velcro Lewis Group will be there on April 20th. They are described as “Earth's premier acid-rock, space-funk septet. The band twists the aesthetics of Funkadelic, Hawkwind, Temptations, and Black Sabbath into their own living -breathing planet of sound.”  They will be joined by the band Evacuate the Earth with a sound of progressive rock and “spacey musicality.”  

There‘s so much each week to look forward to at PUBLIC including open mic nights, comedy, and I’m told by Matt there is an expansion on the horizon! The goal is to be in a bigger nearby venue by the end of 2019 or early 2020.  PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co. wants to have more space to brew, bring bigger crowds in for the music, but still have intimacy within a larger space, as to not get lost in the crowd.  I’m along for the ride.  See you at PUBLIC and I’m sure it will be on your ‘FAVORITES’ list!

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