To Pi(e) Day and Beyond

3/11/2019 - Denise Bernacki

Celebrate Pi(e) Day and these other food and fun filled days at Elsie Mae's in Kenosha, WI

Pie makes everybody happy, and so does Elsie Mae’s Bakery and Cannery located in Downtown Kenosha. My favorite purchase at the annual Kenosha HarborHoliday event is always a stash of pies from Elsie Mae’s.  Believe it or not my first time visiting the store was this past weekend and I asked myself, why have I not been here before now?  I have been so uninformed!  Here I am thinking that all Elsie Mae makes is pies and I totally forgot about the second part of their name…Cannery!  So of course they have pies galore, but pot pies too, whole pies, hand pies, mini pies and whoopie pies…you name it!  

They make 120 different flavors of jams throughout the year, everything from Apricot to Very Cherry Berry.  The item I was most surprised about was the Lemonade Concentrate.  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE lemonade.  So now instead of stopping here for just pie, I now need to get my lemonade fix on.  I’m excited to try every flavor from Blackberry to Strawberry Margarita.  My husband was excited to see their selection of Bloody Mary Mixes…Original Bloody Mary, Hot Lips Habanero and Bunny Mary (Carrot Juice).  Bloodies are his favorite so the hotter the better!  I almost forgot about their Margarita Mixes…Lime or Strawberry Jalapeño!

Now that I have found too many other reasons to love Elsie Mae’s, it’s going to be hard to stay away. Looking to fill your calendar up with sweetness?  Elsie Mae’s has you covered!

March 12 - From 5-8pm, go to Kid’s Nightat the Texas Roadhouse in Kenosha so that the kiddos can decorate their own cutie pie and celebrate Pi(e) Day early!  Bring the whole family for dinner, meet Andy the Armadillo and Kid’s Meals are only $1.99. While supplies last.

March 14 - It’s Pi(e) Day!  Whether you call is 3.14 or March 14, celebrate the holiday with three Whoopie Pies, one mini pie cake and four mini pies for only $25!

March 15 - 17 - Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a twist!  Try their limited-time only Shamrock Cream Pies: a mint cream pie topped with whipped cream and a cherry.  These will be available as mini pies, $6 each or mix & match 4/$20.  While supplies last.

March 16 - The seven Girl Scout Cookie-inspired Piesare featured. Try them all before they’re gone!

March 23 - Want pie but don’t have time?  Now you can eat them on the go with Pie Fries! Thin strips of their hand-rolled pie dough with a layer of homemade dessert pie filling in the middle, ready to eat on the go.  This is an open event, no pre-orders needed, just stop by to pick some up.

April 6 - Stop in to try their new featured pie, Lady Bug Pies!  A combination of Red Velvet Brownie and French Silk.  This pie will only be around for the weekend, while supplies last. Available as mini pies, $6 each or mix and  match 4/$20.

April 13 - From 10am-6pm, taste your Easter piesbefore ordering.  Come in and select your choice of cutie pies at $3 each or 4/$10.  No reservations needed for pie tasting.  I know what I’ll be having this Easter at my house!

May 5 - For one day only, Cinco de Mayo, enjoy Pie Tacos!  It’s their famous, delicious dessert pie filling in a pie crust inspired shell, topped with whipped cream.  This special treat can purchased as three pie tacos for $10 or for $4 each.  No reservations needed.  While supplies last.

Whew!  That’s a lot of pie!  So no matter the flavor or whether it’s a circle, fry or taco pie, it will prove to be delicious and you can’t go wrong at Elsie Mae’s.  Check out my new favorite place the next time you are in Downtown Kenosha!


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Brand new Kenosha resident – just relocated here Fall 2017 from NW Indiana. Touring Kenosha for the first time along with my husband and 3-year-old son.